Peasants Without a Job #02

Cash Register Clerk

Virtual Stores in Korea – imagine a store that isn’t a store.  No shelves just pictures of shelves with products and QR codes.  Number of cash register clerks required = 0.

This video for an automated grocery store – no cash registers, no cash register clerks, reduced shrinkage, no benefits to pay all these employees that the store no longer has, the store doesn’t have to buy shopping carts, reduced retail square footage purchased to supply your customers and happier customers that have done less work to buy the same things they were getting before.

This convenience store that is just one large vending machine. and this commercial for a company that makes automated stores.

Suffice it to say that the hundreds of thousands of people operating cash registers are not in a safe career.  On top of that they don’t even get paid much.

There are multiple routes to removing cash registers, register clerks, and enabling consumers to have a better purchasing experience.

JC Penny failed in their efforts with RFID tags and scanners.  That isn’t as important as the fact that they tried to do it.  They were one of the first, and most certainly not the last.

It is only a matter of time before these jobs go away.  No doubt as I’ve seen the Best Buy kiosks in places like Newark Internal Airport – that some job losses have already occurred.

Don’t be a peasant that no long has use to their Lord – don’t be a cashier as your profession.

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