Peasants Without a Job #01

(please don’t be insulted by the title – it is the roll in which most jobs fit)

Right now – there are millions of people doing jobs that computers or machines can do better, faster and cheaper than people can do them.

Example: PancakeBot – It is not hard to imagine a single pancake chef that can make artwork out of pancakes.  It is hard to imagine an entire chain like Denny’s, IHOP, or Waffle House staffed entirely by chefs that can make pancake artwork.  PancakeBot 1:0 People.

Staffing is the highest expense of most restaurants.  There would be a reduction in the number of staff at these places as well as a reduction in the skill level required of those staff.  PancakeBot 1:0 People.

(ROI) Return on Investment – suppose that you pay an employee $30K USD a year after everything, minimum wage, benefits, and taxes.  If the device costs $30K USD, then a company can achieve ROI in 1 year.  However, the device doesn’t cost $30K USD.  It costs $600.  Most companies will allow a project to go for 5 years before turning a profit.  (5 X $30K USD = $150K USD).  That means that the device could cost as much as $150K USD and still be a profitable change that management should promote.


Chef’s do make more than just pancakes; however, if you reduce the number of chef’s you need on staff because all pancakes are made by a machine you still get a net win.

Yes, there is a support cost and someone would still need to load the 3D printers with batter.  However, this person would not get paid as much as a chef.  In addition, service contracts would have to be incredibly expensive to reduce ROI.

Do you want to be one of these peasants?  I should think not.

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