Installing Microsoft SQL Server Express

The idea behind the programming and educational portion of this blog is to have very brief sessions that convey a lot of information.  Bite size, five minute, educational blurbs.  Edurbs?  Blureds?

The platform I work on is Microsoft Windows and Microsoft SQL Server.  The reasoning is that most people have Microsoft Windows and are familiar with this environment and Microsoft SQL Server Express is a free product and easy to work – except for the install.

But first…  You have to install the free version of Microsoft SQL Server.

Fortunately, many people have covered the install of Microsoft SQL Server:

This is a good install for SQL Server Express.

This is another good install site, with a lot of information about the limits of SQL Server.

I think our 5 minutes are up.  It will more than likely take more than 5 minutes to install SQL Server Express Edition.

Next time, I will go over how to look at the databases on a database server (your SQL Server Install), how to create databases, delete databases and how to detach a database and a brief explanation of why you would do those things!

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