Left Behind

There is a lot of discussion and prediction by some Christians that we live in the end times.  That god will call the righteous up to heaven and the rest of us will be left behind.

Left Behind

This isn’t something I believe to be close to reality.

I do believe; however, that people will be left behind.  That people are being left behind right now.  It has nothing to do with religion, nothing to do with good and evil, and nothing to do with morality.

It does have something to do with ignorance.

The real Left Behind has more to do with advancing technology and the understanding that you have of it.  In the linked commercial at the beginning of this paragraph we see our concert attender looking for work – and asked if he understood some technical jargon.  He doesn’t and it is a deal break in getting a job – even though there is an opportunity there.

Your survival relies on being a part and understanding technology.  What you don’t understand will take advantage of you.

We are rapidly approaching a point where nothing in our lives is untouched by technology.  There are people in this world actively advocating against education and this is only to the detriment of themselves and their children.  They will be left behind unintentionally as they simply will not understand the technologies around them that are used on a daily basis for work.

They will be left behind economically as the everything becomes increasingly automated and the work available will be for people who understand the technology of the automation.

Even today there is a gap – jobs listed that the average citizen of the USA doesn’t have the technological knowledge to attain – that remain open.  Opportunities lost in the USA that move to other countries that are embracing technology.

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