Logical First Steps for Codops

What are codops?

Once successfully created and verified some of the richest 1% would be interested in attaining some form of immortality.

In reality you only need 1 member of the 1% with the resources to finance a major undertaking for the next logical step for codops.  If there is more than 1 sponsor then the numbers of codops could increase faster in the first couple of years.

Immortality, in any way, shape or form is a valuable offering and has been throughout time.  The next logical step would be for the creator(s) of the first codop to sell a commercial version for the person who can fund not only their own hardware/software, but fund the replication of several more scientists.

Scientists in key fields that by doubling their pipeline of research would greatly benefit humanity.

This could be seen as the beginning of a phase in the singularity.

The next step after commercial sale of a codops would be for that individual owner to push for a bill of rights for codops.  What good would be an immortal version of you if anyone and their brother or sister has more rights than your codop and can turn you off at any moment.

At the end of the second year in which humanity can effectively simulate the human mind in a computer there will be 5 codops in existence and roughly 8 billion human beings.

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