Attribute #2 of a Codop

A codop is you – only electronic.

I am a business analyst, programmer and a project manager.  The concept of the codop is enticing from both the programming point of view and the project manager.

As a programmer there are repeating structures in various programming languages.  Arrays, vectors, data tables, collections, SQL table rows, objects and finally classes.  Classes really get the mind going.

For my non-programming readers a class is like a template with properties or attributes and methods or actions that class can perform.  An object is an instance of a class in Object Oriented Programming (OOP – no really OOP, and try to make sure your programming doesn’t perform like POO).

OK, sorry I try to be funny sometimes and it just doesn’t work, but I keep trying.

Initially, there would only be enough computing power to support one computerized doppelganger of a person.

Computing power increases over time and the price decreases over time – which at some point would allow for a recording of a person – to be in an array.  You can imagine a physicist that needs to explore multiple avenues to create the Theory of Everything, suddenly being able to explore all those possibilities at once.  The different codops can even communicate and meet and understand their progress in different areas and alter course if required.

Or maybe your clones will be like these


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