Attribute #3 of a Codop

A codop is you – only electronic.

People change over time.  I recognize this most in myself.  The decisions I make today are not the decisions I would have made yesterday and they are not the decisions I will make tomorrow.

Delta, or change, happens all the time in workplaces that I have been.  I remember catching up all the pharmacy master data with our SAP data, Cardinal, First Databank and the FDA as data sources.  Weeding out bad records, marking for deletion drugs that haven’t been in production for over 2 years, and adding all the drugs that I had valid master data to add.

Then I would concentrate on other matters at work having provided stability for one of my internal customers.

Only to find that after even as little as three months there are so many new drugs out there that queries need to be re-run again to determine what Cardinal has that we can purchase, but isn’t in our SAP instance.  This is delta.

So, theoretically, if we could record a human brain and put it in a simulation that responds identically to the original physical human – how long would their responses remain the same?

If you make codops to work with you how long until the differences become a hindrance to continuing to be able to function as a team?

Or would there be a sudden difference as one ‘you’ – the codop – realizes they are not the original and are in fact a simulation?

We should view a codop as a person, ethically.  You can’t just start up new instances and spin down old ones when they become different.

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