Attribute #4 of a Codop

A codop is you – only electronic.

Real world mobility.  There is, in fact, only so much of the world that can be experienced remotely.

If we have codop scientists it would not make sense that they only do the mental work and when anything needs to be done in the real world the codop (or codops, codop array) have to queue up for the inhu (individual human who has been copied) to perform actions in the real world.

No, that won’t work – it would not provide the massive potential benefits of creating codops.  A codop may be restricted to the electronic and computerized world; however, there are plenty of remotely controlled devices in the world that can be controlled by computers, and therefore could be controlled (with strictly controlled authorizations) by a codop.

At the very least codops will be able to control mildly humanoid robotic bodies within the work environment.  For example: codop scientists would be able to manipulate their robotic bodies and conduct experiments entirely independent of the original inhu.

There is that nagging little problem; however, that beings capable of independent action – basically human robots – would not be restricted by Asimov’s three (or four) laws of robotics.  That once a codop has control of a mode of external physical body it can then do harm not only to others, but also to their inhu.

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