SAP openSAP course – “The Internet of Things”

openSAP is a part of SAP – that offers free training in their products.  If you want to learn about SAP HANA – at least the early stages of knowledge – this is one of the places to go.  The courses are structured in time and offerings so it would be important if you want to participate to register on the site, register for the courses and, be ready to invest some time and effort to pass the course.

Through openSAP and Amazon, you can gain access to some SAP servers that you can create your own instances.  This is great in that SAP systems have always been resource hogs and even though your computer (like mine) is like an all-powerful god compared to previous home computers, running SAP systems will ground them in to the ground.  Having access to your own (temporary) SAP HANA system to experiment is just awesome, though.  It isn’t free.  The current system I am using has a 61 cents a minute cost while it is activated.  It costs about $450 a month or something.  But I use it for a bit and deactivate it.  Perhaps sometime I will do some video sessions of using SAP HANA.

The question: Do SAP servers need to be resource hogs?  Might be a good topic for another blog post.

This course “The Internet of Things” is a bit of a departure from the typical course as even a Goliath computer company like SAP has the sense to know that changes are coming to the world.  This course is about SAP’s desire to make the people that associate with SAP aware of the massive changes to culture, capability, and reality that will be due to happen just from “The Internet of Things.

If you want to take this course it is short, and shouldn’t be too bad.  I am registered, but I haven’t taken it yet.  I’ll report more about it as I go through it.  This one ends May 5th at 21:00 UTC – so there isn’t a lot of time left.

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