Religion and Codops

A codop is a computerized doppelganger – a copy of an individual human.  All humans have different belief systems, religions, moral frameworks, emotions, strong feelings for other people that make us very complex organisms.

Basic questions will occur to a codop that has a devout religious foundation.

The first barrier is personhood.  A deeply religious person might agree to creating a codop if they did not believe the codop was a person.  The best way to prevent the AI apocalypse is to give codops personhood early – even before they actually warrant it – to avoid creating a monster – a population disinherited from the world and humanity.

For our hypothetical journey let’s assume that there are strict laws in place and a basic understanding that a codop is a human being and deserving of the same rights.  Even with this in place a person’s personal beliefs might indicate that they think a codop is not a real person.  This belief might lead them to being able to create a codop; however, this would have a serious impact on the mentality of the codop once it finds out it is not the human.

Our deeply religious individual may believe that god is the only one that creates life.  In which case our deeply religious individual may have a moral objection not only to having a codops created of themselves, but of any codops anywhere.  This could be a troublesome path to follow as technology waits for no-one.  The less controlled of these deeply religious individuals could become terrorists and attempt to destroy codops.  Fortunately, I suspect codops will be difficult if not impossible to destroy.  The more controlled deeply religious individuals may view it like abortion – they don’t like it and they won’t have one, but if you do that’s ok too.

Further perhaps there is a job that our deeply religious person works – and this scenario happens many times – and finally one time the deeply religious person (DRP) decides to have a codop created to make more money at work.

This deeply religious person turns out to be Muslim (although it could have been any religion) that is devout and prays at the appropriate times of day.

Praying at specific points of the day is no problem – being in a computer setting up a timer isn’t difficult.  The problem is when you exist in a network of computer – where exactly is Mecca?

Now,  depending on the mindset of the person, perhaps they just blow it off an pick a direction – create a temporary virtual environment – perhaps Mecca itself and pray to it.

This DRP Muslim codop will have some other problems.  For example: the vast majority of their moral basis – the Koran and other writings – have no application in the cyber world.  Don’t eat pork.  Well we are good on that one – there is nothing to eat and no requirement to eat.  What is a codop travels (to a vastly updated) World of Warcraft world and is at a meeting and everyone is eating bacon.  Is it ok?  The codop certainly isn’t actually eating bacon.  No pig has been raised, slaughtered, divided in to different cuts, cooked and it isn’t going to be eaten.

Suppose something happens in the physical world to the inhu (individual human – that the codop is a copy) and the Muslim codop wants to take vengeance.

This is certainly possible.  A great many devices are remotely controlled and could be used as weapons and there will be robot bodies that can be controlled directly by the codops and could be used to kill people.  Perhaps not vengeance, but what about jihad?  Does that even make sense (did it ever make sense)?

Of course, this applies to any of the religions.  Orthodox Christians cross themselves three times – but what if you don’t have a physical body?  What about Hindu codops?  Can they participate in Kumbh Mela?

Most of the major religions of the world have places that only the faithful can go.  However, once there are computer terminals, cameras, and codops – a codop of any religion can be at some sacred place.  These largely religious geographic limitations will need to disappear or be forever impossible to maintain once codops exist.

What does a codop give up for Lent?  Well, at least with that Catholicism has updated in many people – with people giving up Facebook, the internet, or alcohol instead of meat for Lent.  Modifications like this to tradition will be required for the codops of the world – as few as they wills tart out in the beginning to the untold billions (we are legion) not too many years from now.

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