Employment in the Future – healing concrete

Today on CNN they posted an article on concrete that can heal itself.  Remarkable stuff where bacteria pellets are mixed in with the concrete and when openings occur and water gets in to the opening the bacteria is activated.  The bacteria produces a limestone deposit filling in the crack in the concrete.

Awesome stuff and it needs to be everywhere.  Without entering in to discussion about the Singularity and the economic and employment impact of the Singularity – we have a case where microeconomically it makes absolute sense to install this living concrete everywhere (once established as a safe and well-working solution).  Macroeconomically; however, you find that it may take years for everything to be made of this concrete but over time there will be less a call for the people whose jobs depend on repairing that concrete.

We will keep solving problems with technology, but every benefit has a detraction.  We have to be watching for these detractions and ensuring that the people affected land on their feet in another job.

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