An article on AI and Civil Rights

Here are some highlights to this article on AI and Civil Rights.

The author links to an article that indicates that 1/3 of all jobs will be automated or replaced by robots by 2025.

The author,  , also asks questions like I have in previous entries.

“What happens if an AI machine commits a crime?”

“How should an AI machine be regulated when it is acting on its own, outside the control of humans?”

The article speaks to the need for civil rights for AI machines as well as an idea that I didn’t think of – the right to reproduce.

In the beginning the right to reproduce won’t be a major headache.  There simply won’t be enough computing power to support it.  However, in the future as computing power grows based on my calculations there will come a time where the codop (computerized doppelgangers) will outnumber the physical humans on Earth.  Some of this could come from reproduction.

So, anyway, this article is nice to know that I am not the only one thinking of these questions.

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