The Inhumanity of Humans – Supplemental #1

As technology becomes more powerful we have to ask deep questions about humanity, morality, and what the average every-day person should be capable.

This article is very short – and it basically states that a woman, who had been raped daily by her brother-in-law decided to separate the man from his penis.

The science fiction book that I am writing has a character that is similar to the woman.  In fact, not just one, but many.  I suspect things like this are vastly under reported.

Can you imagine this man with power over other people?  That every day technology could be used without being technologically knowledgeable to hack other people’s brains and give them commands – what if he had this power?  What if there is a server with tens of thousands of codops (Computerized Doppelgangers) and he is one of the maintenance people?  Rape isn’t about sex.  It is about power.  If he has power over thousands of lives – perhaps he would get off by ending those lives?  Or perhaps unplugging the server and restarting it – creating gaps in time for the codops?

Yes, perhaps the woman also exercised power in an inhumane manner.  This happens every day.  What impact does that have on the human mind?  If given power what would she do?  One of the characters of my book will explore this potential.  Violence, even righteous violence, is still violence.

But don’t think for one second I disagree with what she did.  She isn’t the first woman to do this – and I’m sure she won’t be the last.

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