Who are you?


“Who are you?”

“When I’m at home?”

“Is it different when you are at home?”

Paraphrase of “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead

The question – who are you? or what’s your name? to more accurately match Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead – as I’ve mentioned in a previous post – is most likely a question that does not involve an answer of I or me.  We are legion.

Specifically, I’ve had many occasions – a few times a year – done something and have no idea why I did that specific activity.  Once when I was young and still living in the Bronx, NY, – I was walking with my mother and I tore ass across the street.  Miraculously, I was unharmed.  But I still have no clue to this day why I did that.

Usually, it is something small and non-life-threatening.  Frequently, though, I’ve done things with no reason at all – almost like I had clairvoyance – just for up to 3 seconds ahead – and avoided car accidents – with witnesses (all family) in the car.  I have no real idea what happened in those instances – or the instances where I say something someone else had in mind, or the instances when I seem to “know” that someone is nearby.

I don’t subscribe to any supernatural theories.  I strongly suspect there is no such thing as ESP.

However; what if, as a legion of different parts and perhaps even different minds, part of me knew – based on evidence – that cars were going to swerve in to my lane, a sentence someone i you like is about to say, or that someone I know is nearby.

Such as knowledge or capability would be hard to test and would most certainly fail ESP tests; however, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen, or that it isn’t an ability.

It just means that even inside our own bodies and our own heads – we are not alone.

Now, apply this information to simulation of human minds.  Codops will be really interesting technology and really interesting people.  It also makes you wonder just a little bit of how much of the human mind will need to be simulated to simulate the mind?  How much of who we are is a result of biofeedback from parts of the body other than the head?

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