Noah’s Ark, The Destruction of Humanity, Morality

In a recent series of articles, “The Inhumanity of Humans”, I bring out some of the activities that humanity performs against other members of our species that are completely immoral.

Noah’s Ark and Genocide

I remember once on a Facebook post I participated in comments someone commented something like: “That’s why we should have Noah’s Ark again and wipe all of humanity from the Earth and start over.”

While perhaps the person’s motives are good to make a new moral humanity.  This is far from a moral way to create a moral humanity, a humane humanity, by starting out with the most immoral, inhumane activities – specifically, genocide.

Implied in the motives of creating a new moral humanity is that the speaker of said argument would be a part of the surviving members of humanity or at a bare minimum members of their religion or sect would be the ones to lead the new moral world.

Genocide has been practiced in war – for who knows how long.  Perhaps as long as war has existed.  Genocide in the present rarely achieves the goals of the perpetrators – the elimination of what the perpetrators deem to be bad people.

Noah’s Ark and genocide has provided themes in many books, movie series, and stories.  I remember a 007 movie, Moonraker, where the main bad guys motive as to kill all the humans on Earth and start over again with humans of his own breeding program.  Kind of a mix of the Eugenics movement and Noah’s Ark genocide.

The Immorality of Noah’s Ark Story and Genocide

If we gain a picture of all the humans of Earth at present there is a wide spectrum.  Clearly, based on my inhumanity of humans series of posts there are people who are irretrievably immoral.  Gang rapists, rapists using rape as a tool of war, people who perform war crimes and genocide, and many (too many) other humans participating in immoral actions – immoral actions of a class as to make the performer irretrievably wrong.

Declaring what is moral and immoral is difficult in a time where morals are relativistic and culturally based.  Immorality as described here isn’t things like performing in a porno movie, parading around naked, or spray painting art on buildings you don’t own.  These actions may be immoral depending on the individual or maybe not.

In this wide spectrum of humanity there are people who never do anything immoral by most standards of immorality and certainly not performing actions that are irretrievably wrong.

So, this world before the flood and Noah’s ark would have composed of a great mix of people.  This mix of people would also contain newborns and children.

Regardless of the individual moral level of all the people on Earth god decides to kill all humanity except for a very few.  It is debatable if killing people who are irretrievably immoral is itself moral or not.  It should be clear to anyone that it is immoral to kill innocents just to kill the few who are irretrievably immoral.  The bible describes that the world had become wicked.  It is really unclear what this means.

What is clear; however, is that not everyone in a population deserves execution.  That would then make god immoral, unless you hold the belief that if god performed an action that action is then moral.  I fear that if you are of the persuasion that if god performs an action that it is a moral action that activities like performing genocide in god’s name and persecuting others because of their beliefs would all be moral actions when clearly they are not.

Alternatives to Genocide

Acceptance of Diversity

Over time humans have developed other ways of living the way they desire compared to other cultures that are around them.

One path is cultural acceptance or diversity.  This works as long as all participants do not cross the threshold of committing irretrievably immoral actions.  For example:  Christians, Hindus, Jews, Muslims, and atheists can all live together as long as being a member of any of these groups is not declared to be an irretrievably immoral action.

In addition, families change over time.  The next generation is rarely a carbon copy of the previous generation.  Movement between the different groups has to be allowed in a diversity or acceptance model of avoiding genocide.  Specifically, many Muslim countries have laws against apostasy which means they are not performers of diversity or acceptance models of living.

Acceptance of diversity also involves inter-racial marriages, homosexuality, and freedom of expression.  If you want to kill someone, jail someone, or assault people because of any of the above then you aren’t participating in acceptance of diversity or what used to be called the Melting Pot in the United States of America.

Leaving to the Frontier or the City

The pilgrims in the start of what would be called the United States of America practiced leaving the area of prosecution to a place where they can practice who they are.  Many people’s in the dawn of the United States of America left places of persecution to live free.  Even in the United States of America as time went on – people would leave to go west to the frontier to get away from groups like the Pilgrims who were now performing the persecution instead of the victims of persecution.

Major cities of the NorthEast in the United States of America offer a layer of anonymity to all their citizens.  In many cases if you conform externally to what most people looked like you could be whatever it is you are in private.  Often, there were many people that would be the nosy neighbor in the suburban areas that would reveal such private differences.  In the city, people are often happy they can’t hear the neighbors above them walking back and forth, the neighbors children being noisy on either side and other intrusive sounds.

The major problem is that the world has grown smaller.  There appears to be no frontier now except for the depths of the ocean, places in the Pacific Ocean that are hard to get to and off-Earth.  Escaping to the cities with the advent of social media has made it harder as well.

Creating a Homogeneous Community

In the United States of America in the present there are places where (somewhat illegally) entire communities are formed that are uniform in constitution.  Places where women are not allowed to drive or learn freely. Now, to me, preventing people from doing what they are freely allowed to do, like such basic things is driving is one of those irretrievably immoral actions.  This kind of thing should not be permitted.  You can have your own community although this is against the law.  This law is in place originally to prevent all-white communities from barring black people.  It should also prevent homogeneous communities like this one from forming.

The Future and You

We are rapidly approaching a point in time where technology that is ubiquitous will be powerful enough to cause harm on a large scale.  Based on the actions of much of humanity at present there appear to be no qualms of the anti-science Luddites to use technology to spread hate such as the internet, computer operating systems, guns, and almost any other technology released in to the wild.

There are two points to this.  First, releasing technology as it gets more powerful to the general population will need to be restricted to ensure the survival of humanity, prevent terrorists from gaining more powerful weapons, and prevent tragedies that are all too common in the United States of America – mass murder shootings.  Think about it.  If we already have people all too willing to use guns to kill just to make a point, imagine what they would do when they gain access to better and more powerful technology?  The second point is this: the remaining frontiers need to be explored and used by people who are scientific in nature as a way to get away from cultures that persecute them.  People cannot be victims, have their rights sacrificed, or killed (or worse) if the people that perform those types of actions simply cannot get to you via geography.  Space colonization in some form is the only acceptable answer because moral people will never resort to genocide.

Sentence the “Right” to life on an Earth prison and to use similar terminology to theirs – the “Right” can be “Left Behind”.

As when any group in the past has left to live in the frontier to escape persecution it will be a risky endeavor.  It is an endeavor that needs to be pursued.

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