The Inhumanity of Humans – Supplemental #2

Elderly father ordered to gang rape his daughters refused – so he was raped as well

In a perfect world the above headline would never be written.

In a semi-messed up world, the above headline would never be written.

In a really messed up world, the above headline might not happen.

It does happen in our world.

There seems to be no lack for material for one of my science fiction stories.  Every day something new comes to light that makes you think, “Really, that isn’t satire?” “Someone actually did that!” “I don’t want to participate in being human.  Please make me something else.  Make me a rabbit.  At least I’d fuck a lot and only have one scary moment when a wolf chased me down and ate me.”

This isn’t the first time I have heard of scenarios like this.  In fact, the book “Half the Sky“, I made my journey through the many horrors that are visited upon women by mean (primarily) around the world.  Sadly, the matter of fact tone of the book really denies the real-world horrors that are discussed.

In war, in many parts of the world a part of war (another topic to be discussed in this series) raping women is normal war activity.  It strikes at the enemies capability to reproduce as the women feel fouled and men in their society.  It creates permanent damage among the women in which the rape is visited.

Can you imagine as our society gains more technological power people who visit gang rape on women (and a man in this case)?

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