The Inhumanity of Humans – Supplemental 4

I am an aspiring science fiction writer.  You have a great imagination to write and I always like to think that of the many thing I lack imagination is not one of them.

Then,something happens in the real that shocks you.  Something that if you had written it in one of your stories you say, nah that isn’t something that would happen in the real world.

A woman severed a young child’s headand walked the streets yelling Allah Akbar while carrying the head and swinging it around. This happened in a major city in what we might call civilized part of the world – Moscow.  If it could happen there why not London, New York City, or Paris?

It almost seems like the opening of a zombie movie than a report of something that happened in the real world.

Much of satire is dying now as the crazier elements of humanity get more voice doing the same things they have done for centuries.  How can you write satire that exaggerates a group when they go ahead and do it?

Satire is dying because most of it looks like real headlines today and people have no problem accepting that extreme grouts would do anything.  Even satiric stories about governments can be hard to interpret as satire when many people think the government would do anything those in power ask it to.

In fact, in the US suspicion of the government has grown to heights that would be hard to understand growing up in earlier decades – from either side of the political spectrum.  It is far from a government for the people by the people.  It seems that while external pressures are being vocal and strong the biggest threat to the Union is internal friction.  Civil war seems a possibility in the next 10 years with culture impacting decisions often being a nearly even split of the population.  No matter who wins half your population will feel disenfranchised.

The only thing really prevents or delays civil war in the US is geography.  We may be evenly split on many major issues; but, geographically while there are concentrations of conservative and liberal elements – your neighbor may have the opposite political views than you hold.

Still, civil war in 10 years seems a strong possibility.  As politics destabilizes people will seek to live with others who share the same point of view.

People like me for one of the cultural groups I belong.  It doesn’t even matter which group I belong.  Militancy on the right is growing. That which doesn’t fit in can be easily seen and squashed.

Disturbingly, in the history of human kind during war you have options.  You can stay and fight.  You can run.

Where can you run when a superpower self-destructs?  There really isn’t anywhere on Earth to run.  The elements destabilizing the US are everywhere.  At present who would believe that a person is a refugee from the US?

If you have money often some countries will let you in.  Canada can do it for 800,000 dollars invested in Canadian businesses.  Really though in that scenario only the rich would escape.

Questionable though is if any country would take you if the US knocked on the countries door and said hand over these people for committing crimes against the state or go to war?

There is an outside chance that the strongest element of overall human society will come to the rescue again.  It is technology.  Advances in technology have done much to improve the human condition.

But what technology can save us from the culture wars?

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