The Inhumanity of Humans – Supplemental #5

You some of these strike me harder because of similarities between myself and participants in these morally repugnant acts.

I’m 44 years old.  The woman that severed the child’s head and walked down the street was 39 – this incident I discussed in “The Inhumanity of Humans – Supplemental #4“.    In “The Inhumanity of Humans – Supplemental #3” the major case I discussed was a 47 year old man that had been released for a murder conviction when he was 15 after 30 years and he kills his mother two days later.  He lives in NJ.  I live in NJ.

Now, I have another case to bring to light – showing how inhuman we are to each other. And yet again it involves someone in my age group. Then there is yet another case involving someone else in my age group that I’ll bring up afterwards that is even worse.

First I will discuss the David Merrit.  In this case the man is being enabled by the government.  This man had a library of more than 12,500 indecent images (images of underage children performing sexual acts- although only 3,000 were of the most serious nature) and was finally caught personally taking video of a 14 year old boy nude on a webcam – is not serving any jail time because the judge says, “learnt his lesson”.

What? This case strikes close to me because a friend of mine has two children and there was a whole court case and everything that her ex-husband sexually abused the children.  I would protect her children every bit as much as my own children.  I cannot see why a god would watch as children are molested by their father.  In her case, after the whole court trial – he was not convicted.  It must be very hard to get evidence when the victim is a child.

Anyway, organizationally the government is enabling David Merrit to get away with abusing children sexually.  What does this say to all the sex offenders out there that are performing acts similarly right now – that if they get caught it might not go so bad.  It encourages every sexual child abuser to be a bit more bold.  It indicates to child sex offenders that in the list of things that are immoral – this one isn’t *as* bad.

The other case I want to discuss also comes from Great Britain.  The accused is a 45 year old man – probably only 1 year or less older than I am.  He was a prisoner at the time he committed his offences.  He sexually assaulted his daughter when she would come to visit.  Apparently, the type of jail visit that the 9 year old daughter would appear was one where many people were involved and apparently there aren’t enough guards to watch everyone and prevent any harm from being performed.  The article goes on that the inmate was in prison for crimes in 2006 and 2008 that cannot be reported, either.  This means they were cases involving sexual abuse/assault of children.

Why he was even given access to his daughter is not known.  Perhaps they thought that he could commit crimes of that nature on other people’s children, but not on his own.

Typically, this seems like good reasoning.  Most people will not harm their own children.  Most people, if something they do even inadvertently harms their children they have feelings of remorse.  Apparently, though, this man is not like most people.

Perhaps we need to question this idea that most people won’t harm their own children.  There are many cases of honor killings – a type of filicide, where parents and other family kill a daughter for wanting to marry someone other than what the family wants, or for causing dishonor to the family by talking to a male that isn’t a member of the family.  They don’t just kill women in these cases.  The family – mother and father participating – will often stone a daughter to death for causing dishonor.

It isn’t really a case of what is this world coming to – but a case of we are really seeing the world with open eyes because of the media and the propagation of information.

And what is it about people in my age group just completely loosing it?

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