The population in general seems to have lost the sense of proportionality. This impacts the concepts of immortality through becoming codop -Computerized Doppelgangers.

Let us tackle some hypothetical examples first and then move on to real world examples including presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The first hypothetical example is simple. You walk down a street. Someone hurls an insult against you based on you physical attributes. You then decide to not only kill them, but strip them naked and parade them down the street while inflicting small wounds on them until you get bored and finally finish them off.

This is completely rediculous. There is no way the harm or units of harm inflicted by the insult equates to being humiliated, tortured, and killed.

Hypothetically, we could say being verbally insulted is 10 units of harm. Being humiliated by being forced to walk the streets naked and being stripped of your clothes – this we could call 30,000 units of harm. Being tortured we could call 500,000 units of harm and finally being killed/murdered is 10,000,000 units of harm.
We can then say that being stripped, humiliated, tortured, and murdered is 10,530,000 units of harm.
Then we compare 10 units of harm for a verbal insult to 10,530,000 and we can clearly see that these are not equal. That means that the reaction or punishment was not proportional to the level of harm being punished.

Actual example: Biker run down by car driver in this video we see a first attempt by the car driver – a van in this case – try to stop short and force the biker to impact the back of the vehicle. Another biker witnesses the attack and circles back to render assistance.
The observing bike’s video then shows the van purposefully know the first biker down to the ground. This attack could have caused an unknown amount of damage to the biker including death. Fortunately, the biker appears to be no worse for the wear while a significant amount of damage is caused to the bike.
The observing bike has a passenger and the passenger is discharged to render assistance. The observing biker then begins pursuit of a person that is not a criminal for at a minimum assault and a maximum of attempted murder.
The observing biker corners the assailant who appears to have arrived at their destination.
A conversation between the observing biker and the assailant occurs while the biker calls the police.

The assailant says, ” Did you see him give me the finger?” As a justification for running the biker down.

Name calling as justification for attempted murder – in the real world not a hypothetical situation.

Now the biggest problem is that giving the finger and voicing an insult are not illegal. These actions are simply examples of freedom of expression. That means that any hurt caused by freedom of expression is not something that a legal punishment can be applied. Literally our legal units of harm goes from a negligible 10 points to zero points and any harm performed against someone for executing their freedom of expression is completely baseless.

When we look at current events you see incidents of disproportionate punishment everywhere; however, most egregious cases come from the religious sector.

Here we find authors such as Salman Rushdie under perpetual death threat for writing. There are people who write comics that have died for their work.

Religion isn’t the only place where the proportionality of an act is maladjusted to the level of harm units.

Consider the lowly parking ticket. It could be as low as $50. However, fail to pay it and they can take away your drivers license, increase the costs of the fine with fees, and put you in prison. The level of harm of a minor infraction – harm unit of 1, to depriving a person of their liberty, taking away a person’s ability to earn money and the mental trauma of being in prison with potentially real criminals – how many harm units could you assign? Thousands? Tens of thousands? And what if you die in prison (as has happened to people in prison for minor infractions) – tens of millions of units of harm.

With the government and religions leading the way is it really surprising that people lack proportionality in their daily actions?

This is a fight worth fighting. Start with governments and demand a system be made that assigns units of harm to activities and maintains that the punishments level of harm not exceed the activity that causes the punishment to be put in place.

Religions role in lack of proportionality will be a battle for some other day. The doctrine of hell and forever punishment for any sin is completely disproportionate. It is also a battle that cannot be won today – if ever.

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