The Inhumanity of Humans – Supplemental #7

Three items stick in my mind today – wondering about root causes of the inhumanity of humans.

Item Number 1: Husband kills wife and child after cheating on his wife with her sister

There are things that I really don’t understand about humanity and more specifically, about men. The sudden twist to turn everything violent.

Look, if you don’t love someone, stay, or leave, whatever. You loved them at one point (I hope) and would never want anything bad to happen to them. I personally, don’t see a reason that you can’t love and desire more than one person – regardless if you are a male or a female. It seems to me this would could use a lot more love instead of hate, violence and antagonism.

I will never understand when spouses, boyfriends, girlfriends, whatever – turn to violence on the people they love. It just doesn’t make any sense. Out of everyone in this world even if the passion is gone there are few people that you should stand by – and they are the people you love or have loved.

An even smaller subset of the world’s population that you should always stand by – our your children. It doesn’t matter what sex they are. It doesn’t matter if they like other people of the same sex as they are…  They are you – the next generation. There has always been friction between the generations – the new generation is always different than the previous generations. I can’t understand (and won’t want to understand) why people would kick out their children because they are homosexual.

So, here is this guy – cheats on his wife with her sister. I understand passion. I understand love. It can be completely overwhelming – destroying any defenses you might have. The sister, one would imagine carries many of the same traits as his wife that he desires. I’m not even sure that this is wrong anymore (unless he forced himself on her). These boundaries that we have erected that we place between people – they serve to separate us – to deny us the love that we need.

So, it came out that he loved (in some way shape or form) his wife’s sister. Then he makes some illogical leap – that he should kill his wife – and another leap that he should kill his daughter!


There was a time in the US where it would be accepted if you walked in on your Significant Other having sex with someone else and you had a gun that you could shoot and kill your Significant Other and their partner and pretty much get away with it.

This is silly. It is illogical. Just because you allow yourself to become insanely mad and then kill people – temporary insanity – doesn’t mean you should get away with it. Fine, you were ‘temporarily insane’ – that doesn’t excuse the fact that your mind and your body killed people. At least one of those people being someone you cared about and even loved.

Item Number 2: Wife kills daughters, but fails to kill husband in domestic situation.

This story has been moving quickly and now settled down. There was a domestic situation – a family meeting (this is why I don’t have family meetings) and then the mother, who has had a history of mental illness and being a gun proponent – stabs, and shoots her two daughters in order to cause the maximum of mental harm to her husband.

Covering a lot of ground again, but it needs to be breached again.

  1. Killing your own children is de facto killing your own genetic future – removing ‘you’ from the future of humanity.
  2. Proportionality – there is nothing (that I can think of) that the husband could have done to cause a proportional amount of harm to his wife.
  3. Even if it was proportional (which it certainly is not) you cannot justify harming third parties (her daughters) in order to cause proportional harm to someone that has harmed you.

I kinda feel like I’m working on generating the three laws of robotics – but for humans. This could be a good thing for advancing the writing of some of my stories.

There is a side order of some people saying that she isn’t responsible because perhaps she was mentally unstable. However, if you are in control of your body (and not someone else by means unknown at present) then you are responsible for the actions of your body.

In terms of units of harm – well – let’s try to look at this mathematically.

Now, I don’t have any scientific way to assign harm units. I think, though that I had assigned 10,000,000,000 (10 billion) units for the value of a life.

From articles it appeared that the husband was going to divorce the mother that killed her daughters. The daughters are in the low 20s of age. We can hypothesize and use as working number that the husband and wife had been married for 25 years. It could be longer, but it really doesn’t matter that much.

For every year of marriage – let’s give a divorce a number of harm units. 25,000 units, sounds good. I don’t know. I really have to study different types of harm and start assigning values and correct things as I go along.

Now, before we start multiplying and things like that – or making statements that maybe it is 25,000 units of harm for divorce after 1 year and then 25% more per year afterward – we have to take a serious look at the types of harm.

  1. Criminal offenses – these are offenses that contravine the law and include harming others. These are punishable by the law/legal/governmental structures
  2. Personal offenses – if someone insults you or say divorces you – these are not criminal actions. Non-criminal actions cannot be enforced or punished by governmental structures.
  3. If harm of a non-criminal nature ends up governed by the legal system – it may assign punitive damages as needed; however, not to exceed the amount of harm units involved.

So, in terms of rule #1, divorce is not a criminal activity. So, nothing this husband did could involve the government or anyone else harming him.

In terms of #2 – it might well be a personal offense. But if someone insults you – you have choices. A personal insult say is 50 units of harm.

  1. You can just walk away. 50 units of harm is nothing. You probably get 50 units of harm simply by doing things that you wouldn’t ordinarily do at work.
  2. You can hurl an insult back at them. 50 units of harm to them, 50 units of harm to you. No need to escalate we can all go home thinking we won the insult war.
  3. You *could* get really pissed off and go and punch the crap out of them. This; however, is not proportional.

Divorce, no question, could be a personal injury if you still want to be part of the marriage. Equally clear, is that at no time do you have the right to hurt the party leaving the marriage just because harm has been done to you and you want to get back at them. And completely straight out is the idea of harming others in order to harm the leaving party. Third parties have nothing to do with the divorce interaction (even if they are part of the family) as the person causing the harm is the one leaving.

Item Number 3: Mother slits throats of 4 of 5 of her own children

There isn’t a lot of information in this case. A woman, a mother of 5 children, for unknown reasons, uses a knife to kill almost all of her children. The oldest a seven year old – escapes with his life. She then attempts to kill herself.

As a father of 4 – it is beyond imagining that my wife would do something like this – or that I would ever have a motivation to do something like this. There is a disease where women kill their children for attention – but this doesn’t appear to be that disease.

In this case, we can mourn the dead and wonder of all the possible (and wonderful) actions that humans can take – why did she do something this horrible?

What are humans really capable of doing? If some of us transition to electronic life forms – and gain direct control to life saving or life destroying mechanisms – will it even be an intentional action that results in many lives being lost – or some mad electronic human who has some perceived (but not real) harm to their selves which they decide to harm living humans.

Who is even responsible if a codop (Computerized Doppelganger) kills? Who is responsible if the original human is still alive? Who is responsible if the original human isn’t alive any longer? If a codop an individual entity – and therefore responsible for the actions it performs?

What could happen if a rogue codop that was a mother in life – goes crazy and takes over the equipment at a hospital and kills all the children?

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