Series : Everyday Inhuman Humans

Not that anyone is reading. 🙂 But that’s ok. Perhaps this will help my thought processes for fiction work.

I have been periodically writing articles about how humans act inhumanely toward other humans, even humans that they should have the least likelihood of being inhuman to.

I’ve decided to help with my writing to increase the frequency – for every day I will write about a new incident showing the inhumanity of humans toward – ourselves.

In addition to the description of the action, why it is inhuman, I’m going to use these event to try and construct a “units of harm” chart.

In large part this chart is about punishment, how we punish, why we punish, and what is punishment.

Each court in the US deals with the problem of quantification of harm and how to punish the criminals. Each court addresses it differently.

If, however, we were to build a new society, governmental structures, judicial structures – now compared to over 200 years ago – perhaps we could do a better job. Part of that better job lies with the quantification of harm.

I will do other articles, as I look through the founding documents of the United States of America – and seek to create a more just form of government.

240 years ago – technology did not change the way it does now. A legal system and governmental system that does not take in to account the vast changes in technology in such short periods of time is destined to fail in many hundreds of ways.

In addition, there is always a relationship with governing and the future of codops (Computerized Doppelgangers). How will the legal system, culture, and society in general treat codops? What is happening now – will codops do these inhumane actions? What is the punishment? Who should be punished?

Today, I did a quick search. “acid attack”. I found an article that had been posted only a few hours earlier while most Americans are celebrating the 4th of July.

Acid Attack Victim Commits Suicide – it is a sad story of a young pretty Indian woman, who rejects advances of a group of young men, and pays an initial price of having her face burned with acid and then cannot live with herself and kills herself with electricity.

This isn’t a story of a criminal act, with proportional punishment, and a victim that couldn’t stand the aftereffects of the initial crime.

The perpetrators were in fact captured. They probably laugh and make fun of their victim Madhu Kumari today and for many tomorrows to come.

The perpetrators served some jail time – but had been released on bail. They then decided to hang out around their victim’s home and hurl insults at her.

You have to realize that this isn’t such a simple story.

Think for a moment – the sheer number of people involved. The police officers that arrested the men, the judge that presided over their trial or court documents and allowed for their bail. The lawyers in the case.

All of these people – and more – participated in this event. All have a share of responsibility for the events after their litigation resulting in the perpetrators being released on bail.

How much harm (in harm units) did the men get when she refused their advances? How much harm (in harm units) did Madhu get when they threw acid on her face?

Now that Madhu is dead – will the perpetrators evade prosecution completely?

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