Series : Everyday Inhuman Humans – Day 3 7/7/2016

Well, so soon in to the series and I missed a day. 😦 It was good for me, though. I spent some serious time riding my motorcycle across a couple of very different parts of New Jersey and not just the glowing toxic waste zone that I live. I’ll just have to do two posts today.

Rather unfortunately; humanity has no difficulties in giving examples of how we are Inhuman on a daily basis.

Video captures aftermath of police shooting in Minnesota that Left Another Black Man Dead

To Summarize so you don’t have to read the entire original article:

  1. Philando Castile was pulled over for having a broken tail light
  2. Officer asks for Philando Castile’s driver’s license
  3. Philando Castile tells the officer that he has a concealed carry permit
  4. As Philando Castile reaches for his ID, the police officer shoots him (at least) twice, fatally.
  5. Video starts after the shots have been fired.

There is a conflicting account. The police officer claims (during the video) that he told him to stop reaching and the woman claims Philando Castile was just doing what the officer told him to do which was get his ID. There was a 4-year-old girl in the back of the car.

At the beginning of the video you hear Philando Castile saying, “What the Fuck?” in disbelief. When you hear him, you understand that the police officer is lying. It is a statement, last words, of someone who is dying that is completely surprised at the fact that they are dying.

Trigger happy asshole are the first words that come to mind.

Second thing that comes to mind is that this 4-year-old girl isn’t just scarred for life. The daughter comforts her mother while they sit in the police car handcuffed. Organizations, such as our government can only operate with the trust of the citizens. When the citizens do not trust the government there is no reason to obey laws. There is no doubt in my mind that that little girl and her mother will never trust the government or agents of the government.

Now, to go through this in a meaningful way – and this is different than the usual types of violence that I dissect.

  1. Your typical criminal (and I mean like all of them) will NEVER tell you they have a gun. Unless they are Deadpool. Since Philando is not Deadpool, is not dressed like Deadpool, and is travelling with a young child (something Deadpool isn’t very likely to do) – Philando is not Deadpool. If Philando had been a criminal with a gun the police officer would have been dead long before he got to ask Philando for his license and registration.
  2. Police need to be the trusted arm of the government that protects the people. Instead, our various forms of government break their trust with the people. Trust, they say takes a long time to earn and can be erased in an instant. There are many ways which the actions of the various levels of government are losing (or have lost) the trust of the people.
    1. Killing them. Yes, I know, it seems obvious. Killing a person in the line of duty for a police officer should *ALWAYS* be a last resort and not for the obvious reasons.
    2. Spying on them. They are your constituents. They are the people you serve. If they have views then they should have legitimate paths to express them and should *NEVER* be afraid to speak their mind. It is the First Amendment.
    3. Not serving justice when you (the government) are in the wrong.
    4. Creating laws that do not serve the people, but serve business.
    5. Transparency of governmental operations. There are a few times when transparency isn’t necessary; however, those are acute situations (such as active military operations).
    6. Stealing from the people like some sheriff from the middle ages.
  3. *EVERY* time an officer of the law interacts with a citizen it is an opportunity to build trust or to remove trust.
  4. Officers need to be highly intelligent and capable of reading the situation properly.

Each one of the points above probably deserve an entire article describing exactly what I am talking about. How does the government spy on our people (something that is constitutionally prohibited)? How laws are out there that protect businesses but not the people in general (bailing out giant businesses while people fall into being poor)? How does our government operate in non-transparent ways (no-fly list). Stealing from the people like some sheriff from the middle ages (police officers taking money from people on traffic stops with no evidence). And on and on.

If you are alive and an adult at this time, many of these items do not require further explanation. What is this government at present? Can in any outlandish way can it be described as being by the people, for the people?

To bring this to my main topic – codops (computerized doppelgangers). What role will our broken government play with codops, their construction, their rights, their obligations, and their existence (could a corrupt government ban AI)?

In another series of articles I am going to review early United States documents and see if there is a way to construct a government that is more representative of the people and produces better outcomes than the clearly broken system we currently use.

If there is a time when people say they have taken enough punishment from the existing government, will there be a better solution in place, or will it simply be musical chairs with changes in who has chairs and who loses? That isn’t a very satisfactory outcome. Again and again when there are taxpayer revolts – such as in California about property taxes of the items in your house – things get worse rather than better for the people in general.

There is a point that I appear to have missed with this article. It seems ‘everyone’ is for gun rights and concealed carry. But that ‘right’ is a white right. If you are black it seems to be a death sentence. Anyone can do a quick search for a white man with a M16 type rifle walking around the streets with it loaded – as an entire police force talks him in to putting the rifle down, chatting with him, giving him his gun back and telling him to go home.

Literally, if that was a black man and it went like what happened in this instance – 5 seconds after police arrived he would have been full of holes and bullets.

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