Series : Everyday Inhuman Humans – Day 4 7/7/2016

So, this is my second entry for today since I missed yesterday’s posting.

This is about a crime that is more inline with the typical crimes I report and wonder about.

Murder-suicide in Dale – it seems that age is no barrier to killing the person you supposedly love and then killing yourself.

Martha Lamar aged 68 when she killed William Lamar was aged 74. This is a bit more notable as it appears the woman killed the man.

The police have left this as a simple domestic disturbance. There is little information about children or grandchildren left behind or the echoes of this murder/suicide.

Still, it seems to me that basic rules apply. I don’t think you are ever too old to find someone to be with. It also seems to me that if being with someone makes them sad you wouldn’t want to continue.

Killing the person you love will never bring them closer to you. People don’t love you if they fear you (seems to have implications with religion).

I brought this one up because it just seems so weird that there they are – dead, and nobody has anything to say about it, except hey we didn’t hear from them in a little while.

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