Series : Everyday Inhuman Humans – Day 6 7/9/2016

There are a few times where the severity of the actions of humans and the capability of humans to be complacent in the presence of that severity is completely surprising.

Horrific days long order ending in death of toddler.

It is somehow comforting when horrific events happen geographically distant from my home location. You see it and you think, “Well, that doesn’t happen around here.”

There is no comfort in geographic distance in this case – as this happened in New Jersey and in an area close to where I lived for a while.


  1. Single mother (26 years old) is dating a male (Michael Disporto Jr – 22 years old) for two weeks
  2. The mother picked up her daughter from her ex-husband’s house in Cape May county at 6PM Saturday.
  3. Mother and boyfriend went to bed about 11PM.
  4. At 7AM the mother wakes up and the daughter is sleeping in a different place, in different clothes, bruised and wrapped in a blanket
  5. Two hours later the mother unwrapped the daughter from the blankets and discovered some of the bruises
  6. Michael Disporto indicated that they were minor bruises from something that might have happened in the park the day before
  7. The mother at this point wanted to take her daughter to the hospital; however, was convinced by her boyfriend that this was not necessary.
  8. Later in the day the mother went to bathe her daughter and noticed extensive bruising including on the genitals. She again wanted to take her daughter to the hospital, but was rebuffed by Michael Disport Jr again – he indicated “What would people think?” in regard to the genital bruising
  9. Together they took the child to the mall as if everything was normal.
  10. The daughter began throwing up.
  11. They took he daughter home and bathed her again and returned to the mall – as if this was all normal.
  12. At 3:30PM the mother noticed the daughters eyes rolling up in to her head. Finally, at some point the daughter is taken to the hospital.
  13. The daughter had been severely concussed judging that the medical examination found fluid in her brain.
  14. Shortly after surgeries in attempts to save her life it was found that there was no brain activity, life support was turned off and the daughter died.

At any point it seems likely that the daughter’s life could have been saved by the mother. Ignorance perhaps played a role. The original article indicates that when the mother finally decided to take the baby to the hospital that he said he would not see her (the mother) again. This indicates that while the relationship was short between the mother and the aggressor that she felt she *needed* him. It seems likely that he knew this and drove earlier conversations either explicitly or implicitly with the threat that he didn’t need her and that she was the one that needed him.

Even so, neglect of one’s own child like this is far beyond the romantic or support need of a parent. The immediate need of medical attention overrides these lower level needs because, the child represents the future of the mother.

Now, let’s break this down in to social and cultural elements – at least as well as we given the low amount of information – so there certainly is room for error.

  1. The mother was already living with someone she had only been with for two weeks. It could indicate that she was no longer in a place to live on her own, felt the need to be with someone was that great, or loved him ‘that’ much.
  2. On a social level our society lends itself to putting women in this situation. Where they feel there is a ‘need’ to have a man. Also, vast number of the homeless are children. After a divorce often women (with lower incomes on average) have more difficulty maintaining a household (and even less maintaining a ‘lifestyle’).
  3. Usually, when there is even a minor injury I have seen many parents go nuts. This isn’t a great thing; however, in some cases where it is in fact a serious injury that means it will be caught, addressed and offer a higher survivability factor for the child. The downside is that in my children in specific even slight cuts that don’t penetrate the skin are ‘daddy I need a band-aid’.  It would seem that her needs for #2 overrode what would be considered normal (if overreacting) parental responses.
  4. In subsequent refusals to take her daughter to the hospital there might have been a couple of things going on. As discussed there might have been threats – not just the threats mentioned earlier of Michael Disporto Jr. leaving her – but also there could have been threats of physical abuse to her. These might have been implied threats as the mother already had enough physical proof that he was capable of beating another human.
  5. Also, in these subsequent failures to take her daughter to the hospital for care might have been ignorance. What you know or don’t know can kill you – or your kids. Once the child had started throwing up, and there was known that there were injuries to the head one of the major symptoms of a concussion is throwing up. Some people don’t throw up when they get a concussion; however, if they do throw up in close proximity to having a head trauma then there are no alternatives – get that person to the hospital immediately. Delaying, as in this case, most likely is what resulted in death.

There are other things about this case that are disturbing. A crime like this is committed you have to think that in retrospect perhaps Michael Disporto Jr wasn’t interested in the mother. That this had all been a setup from the beginning to gain access to the daughter.

You would think that perhaps this isn’t likely; however, I think that there have been plenty of cases where men (typically or maybe even exclusively) marry and have children with women – just to have access to a child to molest. This is far beyond the usual premeditation for a criminal act and for such a short time I would not be surprised if Michael Disporto Jr planned this whole thing.

Implications of these human behaviors for the future well might be a little difficult to understand. Patience is a virtue. Or so they say. Knowing how deeply humanity performs immoral of inhumane activities patience for an eventual payoff could be a very bad thing. In terms of codops (Computerized Doppelgangers) patience might mean  waiting hundreds of thousands of years for a immoral payoff. Say, there is a blood debt between people – someone killed someone else’s loved one. Then, both the related to the victim and the perpetrator gain immortality (of a sort) by becoming codops. What plans for revenge and how long would the related to the victim wait and have the patience to perform? What damages to others might happen as a byproduct of working to gain this revenge?

As humanity goes through many transitionary technologies and becomes more powerful on an individual basis, we need to become more moral. These strands of inhumane activities in humans will need to stop, or it will stop humanity in the pursuit of survival.

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