Series : Everyday Inhuman Humans – Day 8 7/12/2016

Well, missed 7/11/2016 completely – probably having too much fun with free Slurpee at 7 Eleven.

Today I’m going to discuss the topic of war. War is such a large topic that I am going to delve into only one specific aspect of war – rape.

We can start with some moral questions.

  1. Is it ok to rape women?
  2. Is it ok to rape women to further the cause of war – by damaging the women who are members of the enemy?
  3. Is it ok to rape women to further the cause of war – to increase morale of the men?

Rape has been used as a part of war probably since the beginning of war. The answer to all of the above questions is no. Emphatically, no.

There are few crimes where there is a lasting nature to the crime to be comparable to killing a person. Sometimes rape kills and taints all the future interactions a person can have.

Rape also has other implications with women who life in cultures that perform FGM – especially Type III FGM where the entire opening is sewn shut with only a small opening for urine to pass.

Today, I read an article that was especially disturbing. Colonel Eyal Karim – up to be the head Rabbi of the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) – indicated that it was ok for men to rape during combat – especially attractive Gentile woman (read this as you, if you are female and not Jewish).

He didn’t indicate this just that it was ok to rape. He didn’t indicate that it was something to be used as a tool to advance a war and weaken the opponents familial structures.

He recommended rape just to make the men feel better or I don’t know, some kind of stress release for the men involved in combat.  Just you know, to make them feel better.

Wow. Or as my favorite fictional character, Deadpool, would say, “Holy Shitbiscuts!”

The usage of rape in war is well known, it is documented, and the aftereffects are understood. It is all bad. But don’t trust me on this, trust UNICEF.

Deadpool is one of my favorite fictional characters because he is not all good. In fact, he is far from good, but also not inherently bad. This is the way I feel that everyone is. There are few characters like Alfonse Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist that are 100% good, without coming off as fake or behaving like the other side of the same coin – like the Jedi and the Sith. In the end we may be repulsed by the dark side, but their goals don’t appear to be any different than the Jedi and the methods of the Jedi and the dark side don’t appear to be too different.  But that is a discussion for another day.

The thing is, Deadpool, may be a lot of things, but as far as I know isn’t so dark as to employ rape, recommend other people rape, or stand by idly while someone is being raped. However; even if he did, he never claims to be the good guy.

This is an important point. Maybe even the most important point. Like something out of 1984 where every division of the government is named for the opposite of what it actually does – a remarkable number of people in the world talk about bad things, horrible things, and say that they are ok, or that they are good things.

In the end, this individual is a Rabbi. He will make claims to be following the Bible, in this case the Old Testament. So, what do the religious documents offer on this moral quandary (to rape or not to rape)?

Judges 5:30 – Seems to indicate that two maidens should be given to every warrior. I seem to remember other instances as well, but unfortunately I’m not that in to the Bible and the verses.



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