Series : Everyday Inhuman Humans – Day 11 7/15/2016

Pakistan blasphemy claim: Christian sought over WhatsApp poem

There are a lot of good things in the US constitution and Bill of Rights. Social media has made the world a much smaller place.

To all the Christians in the United States of America – this is what it looks like if you incorporate religion in your government. Blasphemy laws – that with little or no evidence – allow the state to punish people or kill people simply for expressing their minds.

We face this danger today from another sector – so called ‘hate speech’ laws.

Unless someone explicitly threatens another person – there is no crime. Once you make non-threatening speech a crime – you have the question of where is the line drawn and who is it specifically drawing that line.

There is more to this, of course. These laws which require little proof can be used as the Salem Witch trials had been used – to settle personal scores and target people who are not like the accuser.

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