India – rape of 4 year old by bus attendant

Original Article Here

So, as you can see even a mild search for rape comes up with on – a 4 year old raped by a school bus attendant in India.

A single action destroying the idea that “sexy women get raped”, “how she dressed made it happen”, or “she needs to be escorted by a family member or be raped”.

Rape is about power, not sexuality. This isn’t the first time that a 4-year-old has been raped. I remember distinctly the first time I understood that rape wasn’t about sexuality – there was a case in NYC where a 93-year-old woman was raped by a burglar. I remember the distaste in myself at that time, the disgust, the idea that there was no way I would choose a 93-year-old woman as a sexual partner (hey maybe when I’m 93 I will think differently). The person who committed that rape was around my age at the time – which was near the end of my teenage years.

The question comes to mind – in terms of the future and how powerful people may be as individuals over other thinking entities – electronic entities potentially codops (Computerized Doppelgangers). This person – the bus attendant – we can imagine this is the first time he had complete control over another individual and this is what he did.

In addition, the school at first denied that the incident occurred to other parents. This then is a different type of control. One that is more elusive to determine and prove, but is similar to the rape – except of a larger number of people. The deliberate disinformation of people is similar to rape (although not as severe) because it is about control.

So, these trusted people – the staff of the school – are guilty of attempting to control the parents – until they figured out that they couldn’t keep this information hidden. They are guilty – but will not be charged. They receive no punishment; however, they will behave the same again in the future because there is no detrimental consequence.


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