Rape, mind control, and the War on Women

As the author of this article indicates, I too, was going to pass on these comments by a pastor.

The pastor postulates:

  1. Men should be taught to be independent
  2. Women should not be independent
  3. That is what is taught in the bible
  4. He will control his daughters throughout their lives with him, they will not date anyone he doesn’t like (under threat of physical violence to the person he doesn’t like) and when he marries his daughters off they will be under complete control of their husbands.

How, in any way, is this different than many branches of Islam – which advocates complete control of women? Yet, this pastor might say something that indicates that he hates Islam. Perhaps he hates what it is like to look in the mirror.

I have four children and I can guarantee that the levels of control of the next generation do not exist unless draconian levels of effort are exercised.

This does remind me of the Jewish community in New York State – where the Jewish men control their women and do not allow them to drive. They brain wash the women constantly that driving is evil and will make them bad people.

Bad people are people who control others. Consider, that when a person murders another person they are controlling the end of the victim’s life. A rapist controls the raped by changing their world view, introducing fear of everyone, and controls the sexuality of the victim. This pastor, the Jewish people at Kiryas Joel that do not permit their women to drive, the entire country of Saudi Arabia that do not allow women to drive, this pastor doesn’t want his daughters to be independent (I wonder if he’ll let them get their drivers license – these are all variations of the war on women. The war on women is all about control. Playing on fear of rape to ensure that women never do anything alone without a male relative – it is all about control.

Indoctrination (such as what happened to this woman) to believe that she was not allowed to drive – are completely against the concept of freedom – which the US is founded. This pastor – in his statements – is espousing slavery for women – nothing less, nothing more.

This is something that isn’t covered directly by the US constitution. Something to add – preventing people from understanding their rights should be a constitutional issue, and anyone promoting that people cannot exercise their rights is not protected speech.

It isn’t even just indoctrination. This group subverts the education system – by forcing the public sector (secular paid taxes) to fund their inherently religious schools. These schools then reinforce what is being indoctrinated in the home – by not educating the females that they have every right to drive, that millions of women drive every day and if those millions of women were defective or evil in some way then society would not be able to function.

I don’t simply claim that Kiryas Joel subverts the education system – here is the proof. The problems with this area continue to the present. They demand special treatment. They demand to use their religious laws instead of the laws of the United States of America and the laws of New York.

Imagine, for one moment, that a group established Sharia law in a town, completely ignoring local and federal laws and then demanding special treatment and money to help them when they can’t fund their own school system.

It has happened before with a Christian sect – in Waco Texas. The United States of America was forced to intervene. Where is the intervention with this Kiryas Joel community? Or this pastor promoting female slavery?


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