ISIS Loses Ground

Rape is about control. ISIS executed anyone who violated their rules – sometimes it seemed the rules were made up on the spot “don’t work with trained birds” “don’t watch soccer” “pictures are bad – except for priest use, etc. This obviously isn’t the same as physical rape; however, it is interested that a ideology that equips so much control of mental rape – allows so easily for physical rape – on a scope that is hardly believable. Sexual slavery, repeated rapes of women (and woman that are barely woman or some that are children) and using doctrine to say – hey – it is ok to have sex slaves as long as they are not our people – whoever their people are…

So, now, just 1 hour and 20 minute drive away from the Syrian capital of ISIS a city – Manbij – is liberated from their tyranny. Even so, just a couple days ago I read another article of ‘gay’ men being thrown off the top of buildings.

I read an interesting some time ago which sadly I can’t find now to reference which indicated that it wasn’t really or wasn’t only gay men that were being executed by being thrown off buildings. Apparently, the term ‘gay’ is applied to any man that doesn’t wear a beard or wears western clothing.

Under those definitions, I would be doubly gay. I never wear a beard. I know some guys like wearing a beard and some women like guys with beards, but honestly, it just seems disrespectful to a woman to have a beard during kissing. At least my beard (those few times I let it grow) the ends of the hair take on the texture of the blade that cut them – leaving what feels like tiny cuts all over a woman’s face that I kiss. On the other count, I rarely if ever would wear clothing that conforms to what would be acceptable by ISIS. I like wearing shorts. Hell, I wear undies and a t-shirt at home and when I use the treadmill – because it is comfortable and my undies practically cover more of my body than some men’s shorts.

Now, if you think it is a stretch that the most controlling society endorses sex slavery and rape – here is some more information.

A word or warning to the people of Manbij – often during wars the front moves back and forth like waves on the sea shore. You are celebrating (rightly so) but this is the age of cameras, digital pictures and the internet. If ISIS retakes Manbij it will not go well for you.

In addition, there are many ISIS people going underground as ISIS fails as a nation-state. These pictures in news articles may make you a target for ‘lone-wolf’ attacks – in retribution against the people the celebrated ISIS losing power. Be careful out there.

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