Business – Doing Business in the Bathroom

In recent times people have been talking about bathrooms in public places. People with specific equipment belong in specific bathrooms or people with different thoughts of self belong in specific bathrooms.

All of it is crazy – and I will tell you why.

Way back…. In the dawn of business – businesses got bigger. Having 1 bathroom for each sex wasn’t enough. Some businesses might have just added more individual bathrooms – but other businesses – the ones that the businesses of the present have modeled their bathrooms after choose to have multiple stalls and sinks in a single bathroom.

Obviously, under this model it was unacceptable to have unisex bathrooms anymore. So, to make multiple stalls in a bathroom acceptable only 1 sex could be in each bathroom. This way, no men would be shocked by powerful gas emerging from women and no women would have a chance of being caught naked by a male.

And all was well, or was it.

Businesses (office businesses and commercial/retail businesses) got to save money. How did they save money – let me count the ways

  1. Lower construction costs of building facilities.
  2. Lower costs of maintenance – for example, you will almost always see more stalls/urinals than there are sinks. This is money saving and accounting in action.
  3. Lower costs of real estate – by consolidating multiple bathrooms in a single bathroom, less space is used. This in turn results in lower costs on space that doesn’t earn money (in commercial/retail businesses) or reduces non-production space in office buildings.

So – this issue that has developed – has nothing to do with morality, what sex you physically possess, what sex you identify with – and everything to do with money.

What would be the recommendation to defuse this entire situation? Individual bathrooms in all businesses that currently have multiple stall bathrooms. Yes, it will cost money. Businesses can stand to lose a little money and they will in turn get money back on their taxes for making capital changes to their facilities.

It is wrong to force moral choices just because you as a business of any type, want to save money.

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