Suppression of Women – The Education Model

Recently, a Jewish sect has declared that women should not attain an education or seek degrees because it is ‘dangerous’.

I have read the book ‘Half The Sky’ – and I highly recommend it to anyone – of almost any age group – to read it and understand it. The book speaks on high and low levels about the subjugation of women – sex slavery, suppression through disallowed opportunity (education and otherwise), forced dependence on men (not allowing women to drive or travel alone). It also gives this information and gives resolutions and hope as some of those resolutions are in process.

If I remember correctly a large amount of text is dedicated to education. That by education alone you can lift the circumstances of women’s lives and the lives of those around them.

Here, though, we have the opposite of that being explicitly stated by people in authority of a specific religion. Judaism isn’t the only group espousing that women should not be educated or should not drive. I will examine situations as they arise – I’m not singling out Jews or any other group because I have any more of a dislike of one over any other.

We will be very strict about this. No girls attending our school are allowed to study and get a degree. It is dangerous.

The document – at least what I have seen quoted of it – an official document of a Jewish sect – indicates and equates that education and degrees are dangerous. It does not state what parts of the Torah or other religious documents indicate that women being educated is dangerous. It does not cite any studies that indicates the higher level of danger to women in being educated vs. not educated.

Later the document states that they will not hire women who have education or degrees. Since educational positions require education and degrees – this implies that women can never be in a teaching position – that there are positions for which they can hire women – but they are not teachers.

We need to have an amendment in the constitution that prohibits proclaiming that people cannot pursue their constitutional rights based on their sex. Why the Constitution of the United States of America? Because this is happening in the US – the land of the free. Your right to freedom of religion doesn’t apply to controlling the religion and actions of another citizen – including your children. People change religions, change how they worship, change what they follow by generation – only by draconian efforts do children not change how they view the world compared to their parents. These draconian efforts, that women should not get education, should not be as free as men, should not be allowed to drive – are not how anyone should be treated in the land of the free. That is because freedom is for everyone – and not to be subjected to anyone – even your parents.

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