The Honor Killing Disease

Honor Killing – not just a Pakistan problem.

40% of Pakistani’s say honor killing can be justified.

Qandeel Baloch was murdered by her brother in an apparent ‘honor killing’. This brings the concept of honor killing to the forefront of the news – even if just for a short time.

“It’s all just related to the idea that women are property, and you can do what you like with your property,” says Heather Barr, senior researcher for women’s rights at Human Rights Watch, in a Skype interview from Kandahar, Afghanistan.

This concept of women as property was covered in a recent article I wrote on rapists being absolved for raping under-age children as long as they married the raped girl.

In this article I don’t need to recover the same ground. Women, in order to be interacted with like this – in honor killings and in marriage absolving rapists, or selling daughters to remove gambling debts – all of these require considering women to be property.

The problem to be tackled this time is the vast number of people that believe that honor killings – murder – are allowable under certain circumstances. The second article I link – indicates that 40% of Pakistani think honor killings – murder – is ok under certain circumstances.

Sometimes percentages can be misleading. So, lets spell it out for ya – as Deadpool would say:

72,840,000 (that’s 72.84 million) people in Pakistan believe that honor killing (murder) is allowed.

Can you imagine these people as jurors in a US court of law in the death of a woman who was beat to death by her husband? That could be the juror that hangs the jury – because they do not believe women are people – they believe women are property. This person would perhaps consider that there was no crime committed since the woman was the property of her husband.

There is a lot of discussion and articles about Europe and France and incorporating refugees in to their cultures. A lot of the discussion is centered on clothing such as the hijab and the burqa. These articles of clothing do merit discussion – and since it would be difficult to ascertain if women are freely making the choice to wear these garments it might require serious laws that forcing a woman to wear these things (whatever the reason) is wrong.

It is of far more consequence that we understand the impact of people being brought in to western countries. That they have classes and learn the rule of law. That the rule of law (at least in this country and on Earth) is above the laws of god. That no-one has the right to kill another person because of some misconstrued idea that their god has been offended.

First off, if your god can be so easily offended – then perhaps you should look for a stronger god. There are plenty of people that it takes a lot to be offended – far more than making funny drawings of them – that to say your god can be harmed by words or drawings is to make your god weaker than some people.

Secondly, if you are offended – proportionality – that I have discussed many times – is that at most you can make your own silly drawing of that person or their god – in retaliation. Killing someone in the name of your god because your god is offended by a drawing is not proportional.


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