Religion Induced Fatality

In my research for my fiction book about how women are treated in society – and basically the war on women (and yes, there definitely is one) it is easy to overlook other related topics.

For example, much of the anti-women aspects of our society are initiated, defined, and maintained through religion. I don’t personally care how religious you are or how your religion doesn’t do this, or if you don’t believe me.

If you don’t believe me I can drown you in thousands of resources that make the point “anti-women aspects of our society are initiated, defined, and maintained through religion” a fact. I probably won’t do this because I have better things to do, but if you really want to get in to it you can start with “The Woman’s Bible” by Elizabeth Cady Stanton and many other women and “Half the Sky” by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl Wudunn.

Then if you really still have it in for the concept that “anti-women aspects of our society are initiated, defined, and maintained through religion” I suggest you read religious texts and compare what actions men and women perform, compare what actions are performed on men and women, and finally, compare the punishments that are given to men and women.

Today, though I want to discuss the potential problems that religion can directly have on children.

Parents let infant starve to death .

As I have indicated in previous posts – I find it hard to believe that people kill their teenage or fully grown daughters because they choose marital partners that aren’t of the same religion, dress differently than what the parents consider normal, or simply talk to a man that isn’t related to them.

I am far from condoning such behavior. However; that doesn’t mean that behavior is the worst that there is out there. Why? Definitively, at the least there is some semblance of a ‘crime’ and a ‘punishment’. No, I don’t think what these (primarily) women have done are crimes – but I can perceive that someone might think of it as a crime. No, I don’t think death is a punishment. For something to be a punishment you have to remember it and inherently if you are dead there is nothing about remembering what you did and potentially avoiding that behavior in the future.

A 10-week-old baby in no way can have committed a crime worthy of punishment.

The reason this child is dead is because the father thought the mother was bringing “negative energy” to the room by trying to feed the child a bottle and then began to “pray” the grey and blue skin of a child clearly in trauma.

The mother decided that she had to be a good mother – she had to follow the instructions of her husband (his praying and her decision to follow the instructions of her husband no matter what) so she stopped trying to feed the baby, decided not to take the baby to the hospital or seek medical treatment and the baby died a horrible death (you can look it up) of starvation.

Now, there are some things that I’m not going to do in this article.

I’m not going to say all religion, or all religious people, or believers are bad because of this event.

I am going to say; however, that if you don’t believe in a god, don’t believe in the efficacy of prayer, and don’t believe that women need to follow whatever their husbands say – that this would have been avoided easily.

What does this mean?

What is the role in government in this child’s death?

You might at first say that the government had no role in this death; however, this would be incorrect.

There is a pattern in our world right now to set up false dichotomies. In this, one can’t point at this couple and the dead child and say, “All religion is evil.” It is a straw man.

Why is it a straw man? Because, clearly not all (and not even a significant minority) of religious people decide prayer is better than medicine. In addition, the other major factor is that not all women in a married relationship and are religious would sit there and listen to their husband and not take their baby to the hospital or call emergency medical services.

What you can say is that,

  1. “People who believe that prayer is an adequate replacement for medical treatment are immoral.”
  2. “Women who obey their husbands as directed by religious dogma to the detriment of the health and life of their children are immoral.”

Those two statements are very specific. People that match the above descriptions are a danger to themselves and others.

So, how does this involve the government? Well, sadly, there are few ethics courses in the public education system below the college level. Ethics needs to be taught. While we do not agree as a people on a great many things – the above two are sticking points. The article referenced in this blog entry could be used as the start of the conversation and the teacher could easily direct the children to the above two premises – and the conclusion – that people that believe in the above two premises are a threat, a danger, to themselves and to other people around them.


4 thoughts on “Religion Induced Fatality

  1. Louis Naughtic August 30, 2016 / 7:50 am

    I’m not going to argue with you on women’s issues, as I’ve found most defenders of it to be at odds with me. But I would like to add a concept. Can you admit to the cultural biases in favor of women? Can you admit to the forms of immorality more common to women than to men?


    • codopfreedom August 30, 2016 / 10:01 am

      Well, list out the advantages and disadvantages of being a woman, compare and… support your argument with references.

      And list out the types immorality that are more common to women and support it with statistics and we can discuss.


  2. Louis Naughtic August 30, 2016 / 6:19 pm

    Again, I have little desire to argue with you, as I rarely find productive outcomes resulting. I’ll leave you with this: note that you didn’t answer my question, yet could have.


    • codopfreedom August 31, 2016 / 2:28 am

      There isn’t any answer to your question – as you are asking me to confirm your beliefs – and yet you do not make any claims.

      As far as I can tell – and having been married to my wife for nearly 20 years – there are no benefits to being a woman. There are no types of immorality that are more common in women than they are in men. The stresses of bearing our 4 children have damaged her body, the time off from work has damaged her career (she was once a biologist), and consistently people in establishments and governmental positions make laws that regulate things that are important to her. For example, she no longer has a uterus. If she became pregnant it would be an ectopic pregnancy – which would threaten her life. However; if she went to a Catholic hospital they would not remove the baby.

      There isn’t even an argument at this point – as you have made no statements. If you feel there are benefits to being a woman and that there are types of immorality that women tend to more than men – don’t be coy about it – stake your claim, provide your proofs and stand up for what you think.

      I will however; provide you with a concrete example.

      In the United States of America, women have attained the right to vote in only the past 100 years (not even 100).

      They represent approximately 50% of the population.
      They do not represent 50% of the presently seated congress.
      They do not represent 50% of the people elected since attaining the vote.
      They have not yet attained a female president or vice president of the United States of America (they may soon; however, at least get a first female president).

      What does that mean? It means that while they are 50% of the population they are significantly underrepresented in our government.

      How does this happen?

      Well, it turns out that the vast majority of women “follow their husband” in terms of how they vote, as the woman in the blog entry I posted followed her husband in how to medically treat their child.

      They are so suppressed that an anonymous vote that their husband cannot legally gain access to – and still they do not vote for women. They fear their husbands or believe so greatly that their family has to go the way of their husband that they do not choose for themselves.

      There are laws that are enacted, finances of the government allocated, and actions of the government that do poorly to represent women and their daily needs.


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