Imported Religion Pleads for Pedophilia

Danish imam wants to make the government of Denmark complicit in pedophilia.

How is this possible?

Well, the Danish imam wants the country of Denmark to allow refugees to the country to keep their child marriages intact.

He states:

If you look at the situation in the refugee camps, it is often filled with violence and uncertainty. If your daughter marries early and gets a man, it can give the family a safer situation.

Now, perhaps there is truth that a woman in the country of origin ‘needs’ a man to ensure her safety. That is basically an indictment of the men in the origin country as animals that can’t leave an unguarded female alone and feel some urge to rape them.

Denmark is not the place they are coming from. And sex with children is against the law, not to mention gross, and damaging to the child for the rest of their lives.

If Denmark conceded, then Denmark would be a party to pedophilia, just as Denmark is a party to pedophilia by allowing this couples to be together in the refugee housing in Denmark.

The article goes on to say that 27 minors were living as part of a married couple in the asylum system at present with the youngest being 14. Further, throughout the history of the asylum there had been 61 minors that were married and that the youngest was a girl of 11 years old.

I have children both younger and older than 11 years old. There is no way that living as a spouse at that age will allow for the appropriate development of a person married that young. In addition, this marriage is used as a tool to insist that the child-wives do not get an education.

Finally, the article mentions a UN report about Syrian refugees in Jordan that the factors responsible for child marriage are:

  1. Providing protection for young girls
  2. Continuing Traditions,
  3. Cultural or Family reasons
  4. Serving as an escape for girls living in abusive homes

They must have asked the husbands for those reasons. Here are some of the real reasons for child marriage:

  1. Poor family needed money and some old dude was willing to pay up for a young nubile daughter
  2. Husband needed an additional slave to get all the housework done
  3. Never mind escaping abusive homes, how about starting a lifetime of abuse
  4. Married off to settle debts – including gambling debts
  5. Married off to buy things
  6. Married off to settle a criminal charge, like raping someone else’s daughter

Women who are married as child brides have a lifetime of servitude or slavery to look forward to. They would be disallowed to continue their education (another point that I’m sure the Danish government would have a problem with), they would be continually subject to marital rape if they knew that they are actually allowed to say no, and having children at a young age will threaten their lives.

Denmark is taking the correct action here, and people should be upset that the rules of asylum did not already separate child marriages or that as a part of asylum someone should have asked the question, “Do you believe child marriage is appropriate?” If yes, sorry, you can’t come in to our country.

It should be noted as the original article notes… That the imam would not let his own daughter get married until the age of 18. So, pretty much he is a hypocrite pandering to other Muslims in his country.

If Denmark did allow this – it would be a hard push back against the women of their own country – who would have to fight (again) to have rule of law in place to protect women from child marriage.

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