Institutionalized Religion Attacks Women’s Health

In some recent comments a poster asked if I felt there were advantages to being a woman or if women had a tendency toward certain types of immorality that was greater than men.

Emphatically, the answer is no there are no advantages to being a woman in our society. If there is any tendency toward immorality in women that is greater than in men, I certainly have seen no evidence of this.

In response I wrote about political power – and the fact that while women have had the vote for a little less than a hundred years, the number of females in government vastly under represents the number of females in the country.

I also spoke about medical care and that women can be in life threatening situations and certain medical institutions will not perform required medical procedures.

Oddly enough, as soon as I wrote that I ran in to an ACLU posting on my Facebook feed outlining a medical situation in which a Christian run medical institution refused treatment to a woman because of their religious orientation. In this case the woman’s life was not (although it could have) been in jeopardy in having the medical procedure performed.

In short, a woman who already had an IUD, had a minor accident and the IUD was knocked out of place causing her a great amount of pain. This out of place IUD could easily have caused damage to organs and caused infection which untreated would cause death. She did have a wound – as she was bleeding because the device was out of place. People seem to forget that even small wounds can cause infections that can kill.

Her health insurance in I suspect New York State (I looked up Mercy Hospital and Medical Center and that is what I found) which is very close to me geographically (in NJ) directed her to in-network facility – Mercy Hospital and Medical Center. They would not remove the IUD that was no longer in place properly and causing medical trauma and distress. Her doctor (if you see the original post) indicated that nothing in her insurance network would remove the IUD because they were all Catholic owned and operated.

The doctor further indicated that if she was quick she could change her insurance network and get the procedure done in a month.

Basically, a months worth of trauma, bleeding, and pain until she could get the necessary procedure performed. She was able to get the ACLU involved and they worked with her insurance company to get it done in two weeks. Still, all the pain, potential for death, potential for permanent damage – all that goes to the Catholic church.

It seems almost unbelievable that a Catholic run institution would refuse to remove a pregnancy prevention device. One almost hopes that this is some mistake, that the woman is lying, or that the medical practitioner was simply wrong and misinformed the woman.

Because, if it is in fact policy that “since the IUD was in place for birth control only” that they could not remove it – then there can only be one reason why the institution would not do it – punishment.

Punishment to a person who had a birth control device, risking that person’s life, risking that person’s future reproductive abilities, causing certain pain and potential infection – all in the name of punishment and making a point that they think their god says birth control is wrong.

This is medical malpractice at the least, license revoking medical maltreatment for the institution or group of institutions, or pure malice (odd for a place called Mercy) on the part of the church, the staff to make a police, to write it down, to have discussed it and understood the effects of making that policy.

If it is in fact the policy of Mercy hospital to not remove IUDs that were in place purely for birth control purposes – then I wonder how many other women have run in to this, had to endure 1 months pain and suffering, how many got infections, lost reproductive capability, or potentially even died because of this policy?

What really makes me wonder is that the last major employer I had – I could only change my insurance settings once a year. What would have happened then?

What if there were no public facilities in the region – and changing insurance notwithstanding there was no place for this woman to go to get the medical treatment she required?

Let’s give a Game of Thrones style “Shame. Shame. Shame.” to Mercy Hospital and Medical Center if this is a factual representation of events.

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