Islam and Pedophilia

Not too long ago I wrote about an imam that made a plea for the government to allow pedophilia in the cases of men married to women – sometimes women much younger than the age of consent.

Here is a story of an Muslim man who raped a 10-year-old boy at a pool and depending on the article source either said ‘it wasn’t a crime because he was having a sexual emergency‘ another resource indicated that the rapist claimed that ‘he didn’t know the boy was underage‘ and that he thought it was acceptable or that his translator said it was acceptable.

His sexual emergency was that he hadn’t had sex in 4 months and that his wife was back in Iraq (no word on how he escaped and she and his child got left behind) and that she was suffering after the birth of their child.

If you can’t hack it, wack it, numbnut. Jerkoff! Fly a kite (I like that one). Use Mary and her five sisters (your stupid hand). Watch porn and masturbate. Use any of the euphemisms for Male Masturbation listed here! Be a wanker! Yes, it is an insult (to yourself) but better that than to rape anyone.

Anything but decide to put your phallus in an unwilling participants orifices! Being hard-up or having blue balls is no excuse!

The mental processes that could possibly lead a person to say, ‘This is perfectly alright. I’ll just slip my dick in to this innocent person get my jollies off and walk away and it is completely moral.

Which according to the articles is exactly what he did. He finished up and went back to swimming as if what he did was completely moral and there was no way a child would report him to the police.

He has received a prison sentence according to some of the articles of 6 years, and it might be extended to 10 or 15 years depending on the condition of his victim.

His victim will be punished for the rest of his life.

According to one article, the rapist was not even granted asylum, but somehow ‘quick’ process to stay in Vienna while the application was being processed.

Good, well kept facilities should be provided for asylum seekers before they are approved. During their time waiting for approval and even after approval, courses need to be prepared to educate the refugees on the morals, mores, acceptable practices, and criminal practices are in their new countries and that they are expected to follow them. Number one is “Ignorance of the law is no excuse”.

Granted, there are a lot of laws on the books at present. However; it needs to be well known and permeate society that you don’t touch anyone with your dick unless they are old enough, have actually said it is ok for you to do so, and you haven’t manipulated them in any way (drug, alcohol, making up rules) to get them to say yes.

They either accept you or they don’t – and a 10-year-old boy isn’t even equipped to accept a dick in their ass. There is no such thing as consent for a 10 year old.

People who come from cultures that think that it is ok for 40+ year old men to marry 9 year olds and that a wife may not reject sex need to have this ingrained in their minds. It doesn’t matter if you are married, or who you could marry in your home land.

I have a 10-year-old boy. If this happened to him you can bet your ass there would be blood on my hands.

4 thoughts on “Islam and Pedophilia

  1. Amber Shaikh September 4, 2016 / 5:31 am

    The issue that you brought to notice is very much disgusting and punishable. If a loved one of mine was involved I would have blood on my hands too. However I request you, please don’t generalise Islam. The greater population of us are peaceful people with values and morals.
    Love from a Muslim who would never tolerate or bear to see something like this either. 🙂


  2. codopfreedom September 4, 2016 / 7:23 am

    First, I am glad we both agree that this particular individual performed an immoral action – one so great and devastating to the victim that it is unclear if that victim will ever recover to their unmolested state.
    In fact, we both agree that we would feel the need to deal with this person if they did it to our kids. This might be an empty threat as I’m sure we both have regard for the justice system, but that feeling would be there.

    I would continue to say that I suspect that if you were visiting my house or I was visiting your house that we would both behave our very best as guests. I view this person’s actions as a guest – asking for asylum – and that their actions do not reflect someone behaving at their very best.

    But we will have to disagree on certain other points. First, though, I don’t believe that all Muslim’s are warlike, immoral, or have no values. In fact, I have worked with Muslim people and our beliefs are similar enough to live, work, and prosper together. In fact, the question of if a person is peaceful, moral and uses values resides with the individual.

    There are; however, large sections of Muslim populations that believe they are peaceful, moral and have values – but they must define those terms very differently than I do.

    I’m sorry I might get a little wordy here, but I want to try and represent my case to you properly. If afterwards you want to call me an Islamophobe, so be it, it isn’t something that I want, but I may fit it depending on your definition.

    Definition: Peaceful – free from disturbance; tranquil; not involving war or violence

    I find it is impossible to reconcile the death penalty for apostates as not involving violence. Or, as was recently documented – giving a person 2,000 lashes and 10 years in prison for expressing his atheism. Lashes are inherently violent and inhumane as restitution for crimes.

    I find it is impossible to reconcile honor murders as not involving violence.
    Large segments (and growing segments) of the Muslim population believe that Sharia law should be the law of their lands (and de facto is the law of the land in some countries) which indicates death to apostates. The last statistics I saw in regard to Pakistan was that 40% of the population thought that honor murder was a moral thing to do. 40% of the population is not a small number of people, certainly since Pakistan isn’t that small a country.

    Definition: Moral: concerned with the principles of right and wrong behavior and the goodness or badness of human character; holding or manifesting high principles for proper conduct.

    Harming my own children because they don’t believe what I want them to believe, like someone that I don’t think highly of or is of a different religion is immoral. . In Pakistan according to this poll at the link – 45% of Muslims say executing accused women is never justified. That means that 55% of people (not the 40% I mentioned earlier) think that executing a woman in an honor murder is ok.

    Unfortunately, due to the awkward way Pew wrote the questions in the poll it take some work to understand what is going on – what is clear; however, is that millions of people in most Islamic majority countries believe that it is moral to perform honor killings/murder.

    But let’s work out the math for Bangladesh and Pakistan:
    Pakistan population: 182.1 million people. 45% said honor murder is never justified. That means 55% thought honor murder is justified or 100 million people.
    Bangladesh population: 156.6 million people. 34% said honor murder is never justified. That means 66% thought honor murder is justified or 103 million people.

    203 million people hold a belief that honor murders are justified. This is morally incompatible with what I believe is good/right and wrong/immoral. We could go through all the countries listed to find a definitive number in the hundreds of millions of Islamic people that believe this is moral and peaceful – but it isn’t moral or peaceful.

    As far as values are concerned. Defined: value, the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something; also a person’s principles or standards of behavior; one’s judgement of what is important in life.

    One of my values is that female children should be allowed to grow up, get educated, and forge their own future. Child marriage is the antithesis of my core value. Yet, based on Sharia and using evidence from the Koran – this isn’t even against the law in many Islamic countries.

    I have female children and I don’t want them to be married before going through college, and even less before they have completed high school.

    I value women. Women or girls should not be married to take care of debts. This is no different than slavery.

    I could go on, but by now you either agree or disagree with my definitions of peaceful, moral and value.

    An injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere. (to Quote Martin Luther King, Jr.) In particular, child marriages and honor murder weaken women’s fight for equality. In turn, this means that my daughters will have more of a fight to maintain themselves as equal citizens in my country.

    So, based on the statistics, your statement “The greater population of us are peaceful people with values and morals” – and I am sorry (and not just about how long this reply is), but I don’t agree with it. Either it is false or peaceful, values and morals are not defined the same way for me as they are for many in Islam.


  3. Amber Shaikh September 4, 2016 / 8:25 am

    I’m glad you’ve spent quite some time writing your mind out. You’ve poured facts on me that I am not only aware of, but have seen and heard in my day to day life. I won’t deny any of the facts, ratios and measurements of ‘population’ that you’ve made. This world and the extremists (who, by the way, exist in every religion) need severe help. But my point was something else. Now I may sound silly, but Muslims don’t define Islam, and your title says ‘Islam’. Islam is a very pure religion, like all the beautiful religions all over the world. It is those who claim to be Muslims but don’t behave themselves who need to be criticised, not Islam. We both are absolutely entitled to our respective opinions, and I respect yours.


    • codopfreedom September 4, 2016 / 11:17 am

      Definition problems and the problem of language, words and meaning are in your response. First we would have to define religion. Defining religion; however, is a lot like defining the term love. It rather unfortunately has a different meaning depending on the individual.

      Is religion the books upon which the religion is based? Is it just a group of people that share the same beliefs? Does religion have an existence outside of that of the believers in that religion.

      I don’t even want to get involved in that – at least right now.

      But I wouldn’t say that the term Islam is wrong in the title, either. Certainly, part of the definition of a specific religion is the documents that are sacred to the believers. For many of the activities I wrote about above – there is plainly precedent in Islamic religious documents, and Christian religious documents, and Jewish religious documents. Now, honor murders – I believe don’t have any grounds in any religious document. They are also performed by members of other religions.

      However; you do use a word that I can get a handle on – extremists.
      You see extremists – should be a small percentage – less than 1 percent of members of a group – that behave in a specific manner that – for example – is immoral to outsiders.

      But what we get a picture of through beheadings in Saudi Arabia, honor murders, child brides – isn’t one of the actions of just one percent or 1/2 a percent of members of the religion. These are actions of a significant percentage of the members of the religion.

      Certainly, there are extremists in all the religions. The more extreme the views of extremists the more the same they get. Suppression of women seems to be a running gig. Satmar Jews only a few miles from where I live just proclaimed that getting college education was ‘dangerous’ for women. Another Jewish group in the suburbs of New York do not allow their women to learn to drive. There are Christians that abound espousing how they need to teach their men to be independent and that the women don’t need an education and need only depend on their fathers and then their husbands.

      Similarly disappointing is the Jewish tradition of separating the men and women when they go to synagogue and statements like, “Thank god I’m not a woman.” – such separation, and such statements are not extremists. That is the vast majority of the practitioners of Judaism.

      Just like Catholicism prevents women from participating in clergy. This isn’t an extremist view – it is the overall view.

      Extremist view – this specific sect of Jewish people that throw a fit if they have to sit next to a woman on an airplane. This is an extremist activity – as for the vast number of Jews sitting next to a woman on a plane isn’t a big deal.


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