To Escape From Hell

There are many stories of honor killings. I have gone over some of them here on this blog.

Sometimes, women are surprised by their family and killed.

Sometimes, women are attacked in their sleep.

Sometimes, women are burned alive.

There is nothing more upsetting; however, than the women who have escaped hell. They are no longer under the power of their parents, potential husbands, or brothers that will kill them for not conforming to what is expected of them – only to be ‘reconciled’ with their parents and then killed by their parents.

While I am referencing a specific case Samia Shahid – there have been a few cases where the parents of a woman entice the woman back – with words of reconciliation – only for the woman to end up killed – murdered by her own family.

This case is somewhat special in that I am using an American resource – an article on CNN – that gives the details on Samia’s death. This is probably only because Samia was  a British national at the time of her murder.

She had escaped hell. Divorced her husband. Remarried someone of her own choosing. Left the country that placed women as property and dictated what her future should be.

She was ‘summoned’ by her father to her family’s home. Probably the only way she would go was under the impression that they had forgiven her for going her own way.

She was raped. She was murdered.

Her ‘family’ reported that she had a heart attack. A medical examination proved that wrong.

Then a police officer hid evidence and allowed her sister and mother to escape Pakistan.

Chaudhry Muhammad Shakeel – Samia’s ex-husband and her first cousin was held in suspicion of her murder and later confessed to strangling her with her own scarf.

No word if he confessed to raping her. Or if he considered them to be still married and that a husband cannot rape his wife.

Her father is accused as an accessory to her murder.

I have expressed a few times on this site the lack of honor in killing a daughter, that this is an anti-survival trait for a person’s genes, that the last thing one should ever think to do is killing your own children.

No, this article has one thing to say.

If you escape from hell, do not go back. Ignore the pleas of family that they have ‘forgiven’ you. If they want to see you again, make them come to you in a free (or freer) country and make sure you are secure.

If people want to force you to be something and you break away, but the cord. Never look back. Even agreeing to see them again in neutral territory is a risk.

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