The Donald and Misongyny

I don’t normally go in to politics on this blog. In this case; however, I felt the need to address current events. This post was well received, so I’m basically re-blogging it here.

One of my female FB friends are trying to equate Bill Clinton and Donald. Here are the problems with that:

You have to take this point by point and staying focused on the point of sexism. Even, so this is a long post.

1: Bill is not running for president. This is a false equivalence in applying anything about Donald to Bill. In addition, this is a diversionary tactic or a red herring. Get people to talk about Bill and his sexual problems when Hillary is the person that is the Presidential Candidate. In essence, you are saying that because of the actions of a someone completely unrelated to the race (Bill), the people involved in the race (Hillary) can’t talk about someone else involved in the race (Donald) sexist activities.

(Next two points are off topic because I am talking about Bill Clinton, who is not running for president, that is a diversionary tactic or red herring)

2: Bill was in fact a jerk about cheating. However; all that stuff came out after his two presidential campaigns. If people knew that before he ran for president it would have had an impact (everything blew up in 1998). In addition, it seems a bit hypocritical to go after Bill for cheating when it is well documented that between 50 and 70 percent of men and women cheat in marriages. Cheating, would be false to make equivalent to sexual assault (next point).…/…/08/gIQANGdaBR_story.html…

3: Bill had consensual partners. Although, there was one accusation of rape. Donald has been accused of rape three times, one by a thirteen year old, his ex-wife, and a co-worker. Since we know rape is vastly under-reported because women feel they will not get justice this probably isn’t the whole story. In the three cases against Donald, he was not convicted, proving the point that when women report sexual assault they will not get justice. You are a woman. If someone sexually assaulted you, would you want to report it and get justice? If your boss sexually assaulted you would you be upset with him? Then you would be upset with Donald. Imagine for a minute, that it was your daughter or my daughters? And yes, it is wrong for Bill to have been accused of rape. Bill isn’t running for president at this time. Bill’s two presidential runs occurred before the incident with Lewinsky – and the subsequent popularization of his previous incidents with women.…/donald-trump-accused-rape-sexual-assau…/

4: Trump actually did grab a woman by her private parts.… – showing that this is not ‘locker room’ talk. This is Donald stating the facts – as he sees them.

5: What happened to Mike Tyson when he grabbed a woman’s butt? It went to court. He was fined (albeit a minuscule amount) and everyone thinks he is a thug. Why would you think Donald is less or more of a thug for doing worse?

6: You are a woman. When Donald made those statements he was effectively working for that show. How would you react if you walked in on one of your bosses or upper management having that exact conversation? This is sexual harassment in the work place.…/women-s-groups-slam-predator…

7: Donald was married at the time he made those statements. How would you feel if your husband made those statements? Is that ok? Is it acceptable? and now…. Is it presidential?

8: Equivalence. Bill is not running for president. Hillary is running for president. For an equivalent comparison you need to have Hillary say this: “I better use some Tic Tacs, just in case I start kissing him. You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful men —I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.” . . .
“I just grab them by the cock.”

Can’t see her saying that? I can’t either.

9: Lack of Self Control. Look, I’m a guy. I know women out there are attractive – sometimes overwhelming so. There are some that I would wish I could kiss. But, force a kiss, because “I just start kissing them”? What kind of person would say that? A rapist. Or, in this case a three-time accused rapist. There is no value in a forced kiss. There is value in being kissed by someone you desire, because they desire you. Even if it is only once.

10: You have a daughter. I have two daughters. Here is what Donald thinks of his own daughter: “Yeah, she’s really something, and what a beauty, that one. If I weren’t happily married and, ya know, her father . . . ” – what do you think he thinks about your daughter or my daughters? Even more, what kind of policy decisions do you think he would make when the only things he says about his daughter are basically, he thinks she is bangable? And BTW, even thinking about saying something like that about my own daughters makes me throw-up in my mouth a bit. Certainly, someone that says things like that about his own daughters isn’t someone I would let my daughters be alone with in a room. And no, this isn’t even about his older daughter. He makes comments about sexuality and breasts in regard to his then 1-year-old daughter.…/donald-trump-wont-stop-joking-ab…/…/trump-comments-1-year-old-daug…

11: These are not isolated incidents. This is all part of a pattern of behavior. He judges women by how they look as with Carly Fiorina: “Look at that face!” he cries. “Would anyone vote for that? Can you imagine that, the face of our next president?!” If you meet him in person how do you think he would comment about you – or any other woman you know – he would comment solely about that woman’s looks.…/watch-donald-trump-hire-woman-…

12: Trump was 58 or 59 years old when he made the comment “grab her by the pussy”. Is this the kind of comment you would expect from your husband at that age? At his present age (I’m sure your husband is much younger than 59 right now)? If your husband said that right in front of you – would you not smack him in the face? And he would deserve it. And if I said that I would deserve a smack in the face – at this age (45) – or at 59. You know, when you’re a teenager you might say stupid crap like this. Maybe even college age. But, old enough to be a grandfather and then some?

13: Equivalence (again): To put Hillary Clinton on the same level as Donald, she would have to have been accused or raping three people. But hey, we can set the bar lower and say even just one accusation of rape will work. Hmmm, nope, zero rapes performed by Hillary Clinton or accusations to Hillary Clinton.

14: He thinks women are disgusting for natural processes. I remember when my wife (three times) had to pump her breasts for milk. If you don’t do it, your breasts hurt. If you don’t do it long enough, the breasts stop producing milk. Calling it disgusting, making her feel that she was disgusting or that she was asking for favors in order to do a necessary process something that is well known for providing benefits to children – shows a huge lack of empathy, ignorance of natural processes, and lack of sympathy for pregnant women and mothers.

“An employer could say she’s not giving 100 percent, she’s giving me 84 percent, and 16 percent is going toward taking care of children,” Trump said. “So maybe you can also understand the employer’s point of view.”

14a: Are you a working mother? Would you want him to not hire you because you are a mother because he doesn’t think you would give the job 100%? Seems like an odd thing when working mothers supporting their children are making the future for themselves, for their families, and for our country. Perhaps, unless he is convinced by his daughter to do otherwise, he’ll start removing working mothers from governmental positions? Do you think this isn’t likely? It has been done before (not to women, but to blacks) by President Woodrow Wilson – a former member of the KKK.…/…/politics/trump-breast-pump-statement/…/remembering-president-wilson…

Broadening the subject now:

What should a president be?
I find it very disheartening that anyone attempting to be president to have been accused of rape, even once (as Bill Clinton) or three times as in Donald. Certainly not an example of how we want people to behave. The allegations about Clinton didn’t become massively popularized until he had been president for quite some time and after Monica Lewinsky (1998). Going in to being president, Donald, known sexist, three-time accused of rape (one of which is child rape), would be symbolically saying that these are acceptable behaviors for the president, and people who think these are acceptable behaviors will become emboldened by the fact there is a serial accused rapist as head of our country.
Is Bill running for president (I keep repeating this), no. Donald is. And in no way saying someone else is ‘bad’ gets you off the hook for doing bad things yourself.

Really, do you let your children off the hook when they do something bad, because they said their friend does it, too? Hell no.

If there is a president in the white house, would you want that person – who is to be trusted with the button launching nuclear weapons – to be someone you wouldn’t trust with your daughter alone in a room?

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