What is really the cause of anything? Is it governmental regulation? An individual’s decision? A person’s reaction to another individual’s decision?

So, I’m listening to Octane on XM radio minding my own business waiting for 3 of my 4 children to get out of school. It is a one-way road. Cars start filling up the other spots near me on the other side of the road. There is a gap between cars big enough for someone to park. I remember seeing the woman park to the rear of that spot.

It is a parallel parking effort. There is a car behind the car I saw park, then the gap, then another car. A man in an Audi S4 is attempting to park in the spot. I can tell that clearly he is going to make it. I wouldn’t be able to fit my Pilot there.

A lot of the time parents wait in the cars. Usually I don’t do this, but this time I am. The weather is comfortable.

As the man driving the Audi S4 is backing in to the spot, the woman in the spot behind the one he is parallel parking panics and decides to back up – right in to the car parked behind her.

This sucks. So, the two women get out of their cars. I patiently pretend I didn’t see anything.

So, who was at fault?

The sequence of events would not have happened without the Audi S4. But is the driver of this car responsible for the actions of another driver?


All the cars involved are relatively new. The driver of the Audi S4 – for sure has a backup camera. This is why he can parallel park with such confidence. Well, he could be a great driver, but hell most of us suck at parallel parking.

Is it the fault of the woman that backed in to the other car? Well, yes, obviously she is at fault. You really do need to look before you back up. However, the reason I mention that all the cars are recent models is….

You guessed it – the technology for adding reverse cameras to cars has been ubiquitous for years. However; due to commercial or business profits – they are only being required in cars in the present vehicle years. It is clear to me if she had a backup camera she would not have hit the other car.

In the end, the mothers in the two cars spoke to each other, looked at the damage and decided that it was ok. It easily could not have been ok, though.

All of it, though could have been prevented.

Causality. What caused this who sequence of events?

In turn this makes me think about automated cars. What can they potentially save us from – on a daily basis? What deadly horrors can be prevented – by handing over autonomy in a specialized area – to the machines?

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