Donald, voter fraud, and factual arguments

You know it is kind of funny. (no, not ha ha funny)
Situation A: We know as factually as possible that vaccine ingredients do not cause autism. We have factual information that the instigator of this theory had a vested interest (his own vaccine) in spreading the idea that vaccines cause autism.
Still, there is a core audience out there that believes (emphatically) that vaccines cause autism.
There have even been studies about this group of people that indicate that factual and logical argumentation will not persuade this group of people otherwise.
Situation B: Now, in present politics we have a similar situation.
A person, that has a vested interest in the election, is proposing that the election is ‘rigged’.
We have a host of experts, tons of factual data, past experience with elections – that the idea that there is massive voter fraud is delusional at best. The biggest argument is certainly that both Republicans and Democrats have held the Presidency, that there are both Republicans and Democrats in both the House and the Senate (unless you want to enter the special kind of crazy where you think they are both working together – look if they can’t work together to give us a functional government, they certainly can’t work together on a secret mission).
Uhhh, no.
Now, I don’t believe Donald is going to win the election. It isn’t because there is rampant voter fraud. It isn’t because the people who believe there is vast amounts of voter fraud have suddenly been convinced of the error of their ways.
No, it is because Donald has been able to successfully appeal to his base – but no one else. There was a time when the demographics of the United States as different and that this would be effective, but that time is not now – nor will be any time in the future as the demographics or “browning of America” continues.
It is simply because the people in Donald’s voter base has a high overlap with the people that believe there is voter fraud.
The bobbing heads. The repetition of factual statements by experts in the field. The data. The repeated attempts to find massive voter fraud that have failed.
None of it means anything to the willful ignorance that is anti-vaccine, pro-voter fraud, or in other words anti-science people.

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