Donald – Presidential Candidate and Imminent Threat to Codops (Computerized Doppelgangers)

The future is in trouble. Big trouble. And not ‘Big Trouble in Little China’ because that would at least be a little funny.

A quick note: codops (Computerized Doppelgangers) are the name I have given to individuals that are computer simulations of existing people. I have written articles about how the potential for abuse and deletion of such potential intelligences are the kinds of behavior that would make AI – or more specifically AI that simulates humans – a threat to physical humans.

As soon as codops are possible they need to be recognized as people with the same rights and legal protections as people.

Donald – is not in favor of equal rights of humans, and I’m sure even less equal rights for codops or anything out of the ordinary that might happen in the future. LGBTQ individuals are looking at a rolling back of their hard-fought battle to have equal rights with heterosexuals and be able to be officially married.

The prospective supreme court justices that Donald proposes would be against LGBTQ marriage – and I suspect more than a little against machine intelligences achieving equal rights.

This is a clear threat to the future. If you can imagine billions of slave intelligences, people copied without permission, codops working under the threat of deletion if they don’t perform, codops not getting paid for work (essentially slaves) and how those intelligences will react to being slaves.

Let’s just say it won’t go well for physical intelligences – which will be much more fragile life-forms than machine intelligences.

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