To Build a New Country

I am more than a little upset by the recent outcome of the United States Presidential Election, and the Senate, and the House of Representatives.

Not; however, just for the reasons that the candidates that I would have preferred lost. It is the fact that in our two-party system, with the parties set diametrically opposed on virtually every issue, that no matter who one half the country would be disenfranchised.

It seems that we live in two United States of America.

However; it doesn’t have to be that way. There have been and can be more than two major political parties. I looked up Abraham Lincoln’s election and saw four political parties. Republican, Southern Democratic, Northern Democratic and Constitutional Union.

It seems somewhat of a long-term idea that if we get 4 parties – and perhaps the president of the US would be the result of a partnership between parties if no single candidate can get the appropriate number of electoral votes.

This whole electoral college idea has always bothered me. It was created because of the technology of the time. Still, while I believe this electoral college system needs to go – that doesn’t alter the results of the current election. Even if we go to the popular vote, you see half of our voting public split – with one half to be disenfranchised.

There are other options. Technology is an awesome concept. It can level all playing fields. Ultimately, we no longer need to be tied to the land in order to be a country, anymore. If we are disenfranchised enough, why not leave – buy boats, sell homes, and then become a conglomerate fleet of free people unified in the beliefs of what is moral adrift from any existing governmental institutions.

It could be done. And then when forming the government of this place – this Tanelorn, perhaps we could use a document of the lessons learned from existing democracies. What went wrong? Why does it appear to continually go wrong?

A shared design of these boats so that they can interlock and form an artificial island that can direct its travel would be an incredible reality – as well as combining that with a governmental system that actually works.

Therein lies the rub. I suspect the engineering of such a place while significant would be minimal compared to crafting a real working government. A government that is not riddled with the wrongs of the past, like the United States treatment (ongoing) of Native Americans. Like the Tuskegee experiments. Like Woodrow Wilson removing black people from serving in government positions or those black people that remained employed by the government not being able to share working facilities and bathrooms with white people.

When you dig in to the history of the USA – there are a lot of dark things in its past. They were allowed or sidestepped the constitution, the bill of rights, and every governmental safeguard.

There needs to be a place that has not had these dark things happen. That does not ever allow these dark things to happen. I believe that we could make such a place.

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