To Create a New Country – Seasteading

There are many layers to creating a new country. In this article I only want to discuss the mechanics of creating a new country on Earth using existing technology. A qualifier about using existing technology does not mean that the specific items already exist – only that existing technology could easily create specific items that are necessary. First we initialize our new country with a location – or rather locations. There can be many locations for the new country; however, two locations will be primary. The first location will be in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Anywhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean as long as it is outside any international borders. If you have guessed already the second facility would be in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. No specific location; however, there will be more on the location. Unlike just about any other country in the world the location will not be fixed. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs indicates that the lower levels need to be satisfied before we can really move in to the upper levels.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Now, satisfying the item of sex will be problematic and certainly has never been done in any society – with a few exceptions where women can’t say no and older men basically marry children – which is a horrific way to live.

  1. Breathing – given the stable atmosphere of the Earth there being enough oxygen should not be a problem. Note; however, that if it becomes a problem there is no better place than in the middle of the ocean to split water molecules and increase the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere locally.
  2. Food – there was an article a long time ago in either Popular Science or Popular Mechanics about a ocean based city that was fully independent of imports for food. The process that was described was in two parts. First, disturbing the nutrient rich sea floor underneath the facility. Second, exchanging or pumping the water from the sea floor to the surface. This way, you can live in even the most ‘dead’ zone of the ocean and create a nutrient rich zone for sea life. Harvesting the life would not be difficult and potentially vast cages could be produced to keep the sea life from being poached by other sea life and to ease the process.
  3. Water – obviously desalinization would be the primary source for water. Secondary would be recycling the water within the system similar to a spaceship instead of the mostly wasteful processes humanity uses on land. In addition, plumbing designs will have to be easily maintainable and not require the use of harsh chemicals. Harsh chemicals would damage the recycling of water supply, the “ship’s” plumbing and poison humans and the greater environment.
  4. Sleep – would be guaranteed safe in individual modular home environments.
  5. Homeostasis – the design needs to properly regulate temperatures and protect from the environment.
  6. Excretion – Now, you might not think this is the most important item on the list; however, it is. In many third world nations there is a lack of bathrooms. Women, have to risk their lives (and sometimes lose them, or be raped) in order to go out to the bathroom at night. Each module would need to have its own bathroom. It should be noted (in case you don’t already know) that nearly twice the population of the United States of America poo in public due to lack of facilities.

So, from this we draw our specifications for a module. A module is for 1 person. If a family moves to the floating city they will bring 1 module per person. A module will be approximately 1,000 square feet, with a small bathroom. A typical family home in the USA is between 2,000 and 3,000 square feet. If a family of three moves to the seastead with three modules they will have 3,000 square feet and three bathrooms. Each module will have dedicated cubic feet for foam material that will ensure that no single module can sink even if punctured. Each module will contain heating and cooling elements to regulate temperature to temperatures tolerable by humans. All entrances will be securable with a locking mechanism. All modules will be able to attach to other modules in any direction. All modules will be able to support the weight of 10 modules on top of them. Custom modules in the future may be able to support larger numbers of modules to create skyscraper buildings inside the seastead. All modules will have energy connections, water connections (waste outgoing, clean incoming), and some solar panels for energy generation. Yes, some modules may be completely occluded from the sun in their final configuration; however, all modules need to generate energy to reduce the reliance on any kind of central energy generation. Solar panels should be removable so that they can be utilized in the final configuration. There would be additional modules for non-living areas – in order to support living modules significantly above water.

Connections will have to allow space between the modules of varying widths. Some units may be quite close to each other. Some might be far apart for large walkways, gathering areas, or malls.

An additional requirement is that all units be equipped with a computer and screen, and that networking be part of the connections to the modules. It should be noted that this would be combined with the marketing and commercial design of the new (undiscovered) country.

Specifically, stores are for the most part a huge waste of space. Specific industries it might be required – say for clothing. Buying items online isn’t very difficult. However; buying clothes (and shoes) online has more difficulties – even with an easy return process. It is much more efficient to be able to quickly go to a store and quickly try a few things and then be on your way.

Transponders will be built in each segment. In cases of emergency the structure of the seastead can change – extending the modules away from each other; however, still connected but better able to withstand giant waves or severe weather.

While the structure of the modules will be relatively static; there will be people who control the configuration. The present Earth architecture is always static. The modularity of the seastead will allow for changes and chaos in the most basic of environment.

One of the core concepts of the society is that only living things change. Even a living thing can be dead if it ceases to change.

Specific modules will need to be developed for critical city services.

To continue with the model of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. The second level is : Safety.

  1. Security of body – requires a police force, fire department, hospitals, educational infrastructure.
  2. Employment – within the seastead – the city – there will be 100% employment. Everyone will do something of value. In the world, in a single company, in a single country – there are always things that need to be done, but that go not done. Everything will be done in the floating city. Even people who do not have any physical capabilities can perform virtual work.
  3. Resources – is a harder question at this time. There should be a guarantee of enough resources for people to survive and thrive. Resources of a larger amount – to start a new endeavor, etc, would require effort, charter, explanations of what the project of business would do – for you as the owner and for the society as a whole. Beneficial projects that are within the resources of the society should almost always be approved unless they present a danger to the society.
  4.  Morality Рis an even harder question to answer. I would leave this to the people who live on the city.
  5. Family – is an arbitrary distinction. A family could be anything. Whatever people define as a family should be protected – no matter what form it takes.
  6. Health – Healthcare will be provided to everyone, as much as it can be. I remember long ago Rush Limbaugh had a skit about everyone being on a cruise ship. If you would help pay for everyone’s health care. He made it look crazy. It isn’t crazy. In fact it is a requirement. If you have one person come on board your city and they are sick – it could spread to everyone. Impacting the number of lives on board the city. Impacting the quality of life for everyone on the city. Even genetic diseases and cancers affect society in general. People who are crippled by disease become more of a burden on everyone in general – so we need to do everything possible – free healthcare, free medicine, free whatever they need – in order to ensure that individuals do not experience negative outcomes through illness, disease, or human foul play. In addition, no one should ever go to work sick. Talk about disease vectors. If you do actually get sick stay home. Medical care should come to you. This way the chances of disease transferences in a centralized location are reduced. Whenever I go to my children’s doctor I see the well and sick side waiting rooms. This should never happen. The chances of disease spreading when people go to a central location are vastly increased.
  7. Property – ownership is an important concept even if it is illusionary. We don’t own anything beyond the end of our lives – at least not yet. Ownership also has perils. Hoarding situations would not be tolerated on the city. It presents a health risk to everyone, and in specific the ability of a person’s individual unit to stay afloat. In the broader aspect the ownership of the city and the assets of the city are to be democratically assigned with rules that ensure the stability of the city.

Beyond that on Maslow’s Hierarchy – institutions and systems cannot be created to ensure humanity’s peace of mind. The ground work can be laid to allow people to do what they need to make their lives peaceful, successful, and happy.

An additional note on sanitation, health, and excretion. Individual units need the ability to process excrement and liquid waste. This removes the need for a vast network of pipes and giant sewage processing plants – which would be costly, heavy, and expensive.

Once a design is finalized it could be used as a basis for building a space colony.

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