Humanity Struggles with what Science Fiction Figured out – Decades Ago

I wish everyone had been a science fiction fan as I was throughout childhood. It would have been a vastly better preparation for the present than the classical public school education that I had participated.

So, cloning. Cool stuff. I live in a house with two clones. Identical twins. In essence, identical twins share the same DNA and therefore – would be no different than two clones born at the same time.

There is this article (and video) about cloning.

CJ Cherryh knew about these problems. She figured them out with her understanding of the universe. She wrote a series about the process of cloning to reproduce a specific individual.

Back to my identical twins. They may share a huge percentage of their DNA, but they behaviors are vastly different. Despite having the same DNA they experienced everything differently – from the very beginning of their lives. Even during gestation my wife experienced a Subchorionic Hemorrhage which diverted resources from one of the twins. This resulted in her esophagus didn’t grow all the way through and a fistula formed connecting her stomach to her lungs. She experienced surgery at 12 hours old to repair both of these problems.

That wasn’t the end of her problems; however, she had two holes in her heart and as a result of the holes a pulmonary stenosis.

Everything was fixed in the (nerve wracking) end – to the point that she doesn’t need clearance to do gym in school. She has Goretex in her heart. (Say it like in Seinfeld if you remember – damn I’m old. I’m laughing hiding real pain – Deadpool).

Both identical twin girls were born at nearly the same time. The one with the list of problems was in and out of the hospital for the first 6 months of her life. The other twin was in the hospital for a lot less time – she was still born a little premature – and needed more development to occur in her lungs.

All these macro differences and micro differences – resulted in very different personalities. There was the obvious – one twin with the surgeries always weighing a little bit less – by less than a pound – made for significant differences in facial features. However; there were thousands of micro differences in the twins.

It was always odd – that when they were little and just walking that they would always go in different directions. Tastes in food are (sometimes vastly) different.

Coming back to the point though, in terms of human cloning. Each and every small difference in the raising of a clone from the original’s life experiences will likely result in differences in behavior between the clone and the original.

And this point was made decades ago by C.J. Cherryh.

And all these ‘problems’ of human cloning. A clone is a separate individual – as different from the original as a sibling is different – or a twin.

Not all science fiction is as edifying as this series by C.J Cherryh. But the combination of different experiences – like with my twins – may change you – and your outlook about the future – just as it has changed me – and others.

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