IMDB Project Update – SQL Server

Well, that happened.

My database with the raw data for the IMDB project exceeded 10GB – which is greater than the free license for SQL Server Express 2016.

This isn’t a big deal – although it has stopped me for a bit. I found a place that was selling the developer editions; however, it turns out that you can belong to a free membership in Microsoft to get the developer edition.

Since I am basically doing development – this is what I need to do – and what you need to do if you are doing something like this as well (at least locally, on your computer – you could use Azure or a SQL Server on a website – which tends to be free on GoDaddy – although I’m not sure if there are SQL Server database size limitations on GoDaddy).

You need to have a sign-in at Microsoft (which I already have because I own a license to Microsoft Office 365) and then add to your account “Visual Studio Dev Essentials“. This will allow you to install many Microsoft Development Tools (Including SQL Server 2016 Developer Edition) for free.

In the end, though, I didn’t actually need to install or download anything new. If you restart the installer that you installed SQL Server Express -> go to maintenance -> Edition Upgrade -> Select “Developer” from the drop down, this works.

Well, it works after a couple of restarts. Then you can go to the Database in SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio) and right-click on your database -> click properties -> click Files – and then update the size of your database there. If your database is set to autogrow, you may not even have to do this – it should work appropriately, now.

I did get some funky errors and had to reboot a couple of times because the SQL Server service would not stop. Annoying, just not piss you off level of annoyance.

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