Fake News and Rape

It is hard to understand the concept of fake news or the motivations. I’ve mentioned earlier in my research the real world is often crazier than what I would have imagined.

So, one of the Facebook sites I follow Taste My Metal World – which I follow because I like heavy metal music, likes to post different things – things that are ‘metal’ posted this article about a woman who was attempted to be raped, cut her rapists penis off, and then forced him to eat it.  I would hazard that the mean metal like in the show Metalocalypse where audiences would watch the groups shows and commit so many mass murders and suicides that the entire audience at the end would be dead.

I’m not sure a band with concerts like that would have long-term money making potential, but anyway back to the topic.

As you probably have figured out – this article about the woman cutting off her rapists penis and forcing him to eat it is false or fake news.

It also doesn’t make a lot of sense to make this kind of fake news. The idea that a woman who was about to be raped cutting her rapists penis off and forcing him to eat it – isn’t really “off the hook” or outside the parameters of normal human activity – if you are being raped, anyway.

Arguably, there are events in the real world that are just as metal.


  1. A pregnant woman (by her rapist) in Turkey finally had enough and cut his head off. Then carried his head to a central area of town to show everyone.
  2. Or this man in India, who cut off his sister’s rapists head and then carried it to the police station. I have a vision of this. That not only is she carrying this man’s severed head, but she is holding it up high with one hand.
  3. This woman severed her brother-in-law’s / rapists penis and brought it to the police department.
  4. Or this event which is covered in the book “Half the sky” – where 200 women in a court attack a rapist, cut/rip his penis off and hack him to pieces.

I could go on… The point I’m trying to make is that if you want “metal” you don’t need fake headlines. The real world offers plenty.


Edited to add:

This guy, killing his wife’s rapist, cutting off his penis, cooking and eating it.

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