Waze, Big Data, Machine Learning and the “man”

Waze is most likely sitting on a huge amount of data of when, where, and how long police officers stay in locations waiting to trap unsuspecting citizens for speeding on the nations roadways.

However; with machine learning, a lot of data, and some number crunching I don’t see why Waze couldn’t just incorporate into their application the probability – like a “sixth sense” that there is a police officer in a specific location.

Police officers can do all they want to randomize their appearances; however, there are only so many places for an officer to hide their police car to act like a predator and attack innocent civilians.

In fact, if they did a really good job with it – it could impact the budgets of cities and states that rely on robbing people that pass through their territory to “donate” money.

It is wrong for budgets to depend on speeding tickets to run their jurisdictions. It is wrong that people that can least afford it are the ones the get pulled over, can’t pay the fine, end up owing more money, and then are threatened with loss of driver’s license and in fact, their work and their lives.

This is one way that we can fight back.

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