Dunkin Donuts App

Automation is invading our daily life – and it is to our great benefit. At this point in time several companies have implemented apps that you can operate on your phone and order items, pay for the items, and come in and pick up those items with minimal human contact.

Good ideas; however, can be ruined by poor implementations.

On the surface the Dunkin’ Donuts App is well thought out. It allows you to do what you need to do. Has a sly little bit of code that makes you put money into their “account” before paying for things. When you multiply that out you’ll find that DD is making a huge amount of money on holding… Your money.

The disappointment is that while implementing a slick little app – they have not changed anything on the back end of their establishment. A key point is that inventory is not tracked by a computer system at a DD. This means that the DD app is not aware of inventory.

Which means, as you think it through, that the app is unable to prevent you from ordering items they don’t actually have at the facility you are going to pick up your food.

So, one night at the end of work I decided I wasn’t going to eat dinner at home (I get home very late sometimes) and I would just eat on the way home. DD app to save the day…

But sadly, it didn’t save the day. I placed my order (I feel very Seinfeld at the moment – except that was car rentals). They charged my account for the order. But when I got there – the Bacon Egg and Cheese on a bagel was not in evidence. Nor was the cream cheese bagel I ordered (I was peckish), but they did in fact have the drink in the refrigerator.

This was a very poor end-user outcome. They ended up substituting after I arrived flatbread instead of bagels. I don’t complain. I remember.

And I remember being very disappointed. What did I really expect from a company that STILL has failed to implement credit card chip technology?

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