To Build a Country – Lessons Learned

In an earlier post I described some of the mechanics of creating a new country – the physical infrastructure of creating a country out in the undesirable section in the middle of either the Atlantic or Pacific oceans.

Starting a new country doesn’t mean anything if you don’t restructure government and how it performs.

In project management, after every project ends you have to (or really should) perform a lessons learned. It is a process where you get everyone together and discuss what worked in the project, what didn’t work, and how to do things better. These items are then documented and hopefully put in to play for the next project so the next project can be a better experience.

Elsewhere, I have said that being President of the United States of America is like being a project manager. Something that is sorely missed in our political process is a review of what happened during the presidency. A formal review. With documented issues.

In addition, any project needs a charter. What is the charter for being President of the United States of America. It is very simple. The charter for the President of the United States of America is to improve America. To, in part, improve the lives of the citizens of this country.

There are a lot of operational functions of government. Like project management – it is important to understand what a project is – and operations are not projects. Improving or replacing operations are definitely projects.

Of course, in the present time the hope of having an objective lessons learned with the partisan politics that dominate.  There are also problems that most projects don’t have – projects usually have a clear charter about what they are going to achieve in the next period of time.

In regard to that, well established measures can be used to estimate if – after a term of presidency life is improved or not. There is a section of the population that deny any statistical and measure evidence and I would conclude at present that they would not be interested in pursuing this article.

I am a fan at taking the long view about the world around me. Well, at least objective matters that are not about the heart or the spirit.

There is a group called “The Long Now” – which advocates taking a very long view of humanity. In fact, they are creating a clock that will work for 10,000 years. It would be a mechanical clock that is designed by computers to work indefinitely – well, 10,000 years. It is the stuff of science fiction. Imagine, the stories you could write about when the clock stops working? The doomsday cults? The people concerned that it would be the end of time? The people fighting to live another day because a clock is just a clock? The shadowy people who maintain the clock – because no matter how well designed things go wrong. Earthquakes happen, fuel sources run out or geothermal heat sources move (could be fueling the clock). Wonderful.

We should take a longer view about politics and government. No government lasts forever. It is possible that the democracy that exists as it is today is threatened by our recent election. It is possible that our democracy is not threatened. It doesn’t actually matter. No government has lasted thousands of years. Humanity has lasted tens of thousands of years (even longer than the time The Long Now’s 10,000 year clock. People die. Political systems die – even though the propagandists might insist that their system is the best and will last forever. What does that make government? What does that make our present government?

Short-term projects. Projects that come to an end. Projects that require a lessons learned to make better governments in the future.

As with many things, government is constantly changing and the Democracy that we have now is not the same as what was in place for the founding fathers over 200 years ago and it is not the same as what they actually had in place over 200 years ago. So, despite the illusion of having the same government for 200 plus years – that isn’t exactly true.

There are also other conditions – positive conditions – in which new governments can arise. As indicated earlier – there is the potential of creating a floating sea city – outside of any governmental control. A new government can be formed. In addition, in a positive view of humanity’s future – there will be humans that live beyond the boundaries of Earth. At first, perhaps the governments of Earth will maintain sovereignty over these humans, but that is unlikely to be maintainable.

But what government? Right now – we can do something we can create Lessons Learned for our government – The United States of America – as well as any other government that has existed on Earth that has sufficient documentation of events and core concepts.

It is important to establish a scope for exploring Lessons Learned for government.

There are layers to government.

  1. The activities that are permitted by agents of the government. For example:
    1. Can government agents kill citizens? If so, under what conditions.
    2. What kind of actions can agents of the government do to people? Under what circumstances? An example would be proportional response. If a person breaks a law, what kind of force can enforcement use against that person? If someone is illegally selling cigarettes is an outcome where that person is dead ever an appropriate outcome.
    3. Can agents of the government falsely imprison people?
    4. Can agents of the government force people to behave in a manner inconsistent with their normal behavior – provided that behavior does not harm others?
    5. Do agents of the (or can they) government assist non-governmental agencies that cause harm to sections of the population.
    6. Debtors prison
    7. Can governmental entities betray the spirit of laws. For example, laws that are explicit about something – make laws or otherwise betray the meaning of the laws.
  2. The activities that are permitted by the people by the laws of the government? For example:
    1.  Allowing people to own people
    2. Allowing people to persecute other people
  3. How is the governmental allowed to deal with other government entities.
    1. Can the government betray treaties – even the spirit of the treaties?
    2. Under what conditions can war be initiated?
    3. What are the ethical ways of dealing with other governments?
    4. Can genocide ever be justified?

This is just the beginning of the things we can do. There are people out there already working to try and make the first satellite self-governing entity, Asgardia.

The time to think about what a new government would be like is now.


Rape, mind control, and the War on Women

As the author of this article indicates, I too, was going to pass on these comments by a pastor.

The pastor postulates:

  1. Men should be taught to be independent
  2. Women should not be independent
  3. That is what is taught in the bible
  4. He will control his daughters throughout their lives with him, they will not date anyone he doesn’t like (under threat of physical violence to the person he doesn’t like) and when he marries his daughters off they will be under complete control of their husbands.

How, in any way, is this different than many branches of Islam – which advocates complete control of women? Yet, this pastor might say something that indicates that he hates Islam. Perhaps he hates what it is like to look in the mirror.

I have four children and I can guarantee that the levels of control of the next generation do not exist unless draconian levels of effort are exercised.

This does remind me of the Jewish community in New York State – where the Jewish men control their women and do not allow them to drive. They brain wash the women constantly that driving is evil and will make them bad people.

Bad people are people who control others. Consider, that when a person murders another person they are controlling the end of the victim’s life. A rapist controls the raped by changing their world view, introducing fear of everyone, and controls the sexuality of the victim. This pastor, the Jewish people at Kiryas Joel that do not permit their women to drive, the entire country of Saudi Arabia that do not allow women to drive, this pastor doesn’t want his daughters to be independent (I wonder if he’ll let them get their drivers license – these are all variations of the war on women. The war on women is all about control. Playing on fear of rape to ensure that women never do anything alone without a male relative – it is all about control.

Indoctrination (such as what happened to this woman) to believe that she was not allowed to drive – are completely against the concept of freedom – which the US is founded. This pastor – in his statements – is espousing slavery for women – nothing less, nothing more.

This is something that isn’t covered directly by the US constitution. Something to add – preventing people from understanding their rights should be a constitutional issue, and anyone promoting that people cannot exercise their rights is not protected speech.

It isn’t even just indoctrination. This group subverts the education system – by forcing the public sector (secular paid taxes) to fund their inherently religious schools. These schools then reinforce what is being indoctrinated in the home – by not educating the females that they have every right to drive, that millions of women drive every day and if those millions of women were defective or evil in some way then society would not be able to function.

I don’t simply claim that Kiryas Joel subverts the education system – here is the proof. The problems with this area continue to the present. They demand special treatment. They demand to use their religious laws instead of the laws of the United States of America and the laws of New York.

Imagine, for one moment, that a group established Sharia law in a town, completely ignoring local and federal laws and then demanding special treatment and money to help them when they can’t fund their own school system.

It has happened before with a Christian sect – in Waco Texas. The United States of America was forced to intervene. Where is the intervention with this Kiryas Joel community? Or this pastor promoting female slavery?


SAP openSAP course – “The Internet of Things”

openSAP is a part of SAP – that offers free training in their products.  If you want to learn about SAP HANA – at least the early stages of knowledge – this is one of the places to go.  The courses are structured in time and offerings so it would be important if you want to participate to register on the site, register for the courses and, be ready to invest some time and effort to pass the course.

Through openSAP and Amazon, you can gain access to some SAP servers that you can create your own instances.  This is great in that SAP systems have always been resource hogs and even though your computer (like mine) is like an all-powerful god compared to previous home computers, running SAP systems will ground them in to the ground.  Having access to your own (temporary) SAP HANA system to experiment is just awesome, though.  It isn’t free.  The current system I am using has a 61 cents a minute cost while it is activated.  It costs about $450 a month or something.  But I use it for a bit and deactivate it.  Perhaps sometime I will do some video sessions of using SAP HANA.

The question: Do SAP servers need to be resource hogs?  Might be a good topic for another blog post.

This course “The Internet of Things” is a bit of a departure from the typical course as even a Goliath computer company like SAP has the sense to know that changes are coming to the world.  This course is about SAP’s desire to make the people that associate with SAP aware of the massive changes to culture, capability, and reality that will be due to happen just from “The Internet of Things.

If you want to take this course it is short, and shouldn’t be too bad.  I am registered, but I haven’t taken it yet.  I’ll report more about it as I go through it.  This one ends May 5th at 21:00 UTC – so there isn’t a lot of time left.