Overall Product Review WiFi USB for Desktop Computer

There is nothing more frustrating than technology that doesn’t work when it is supposed to work.

I mean, you break out the rubber chicken, mumble some mystical chants, follow all the directions, download the latest drivers, pray to the gods of Game of Thrones, and what do you get? Nothing. Or worse, something then a few minutes and nothing.

I have had many Netgear devices and always over time they screw me. Losing wireless connection on a computer in the present is to pretty much make a computer useless.

There is nothing more frustrating than the way they fail. They connect to the network. All looks well, and then 5 minutes later when you think everything is ok – there is no connection.

I’m threw with Netgear. I am never buying their stuff again.

There is a brand of USB wifi devices that I have used and the brand surprised me. The brand that I typically think of as a knockoff – ASUS. I had one USB wifi adapter from them a few years back and it continues to work well. I looked recently to replace (not 1 but 2 Netgear USB wifi adapters) for the exact model I had before. Well, that was pretty much impossible. But I did find this. It looked exactly like the old one I had.

Other than the funky don’t plug it in until you install the driver/you are installing it and it asks you to plug it in – this device has been rock solid.